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May 18, 2003
Hi everyone...
This could be similar to the other thread GirlZ...Only... :p However this one:

YOU are going to create your OWN list...:thumb:

List down your Hottest & Cutest Top 10 Players- only players, no other celebrities included- :D :D *here's the difference*

Here's my list

1.Raul Gonzalez
2.Alessandro Del Piero
3.Francesco Totti
5.Fabio Cannavaro
6.David Beckham
7.Pavel Nedved
8.Vencenzo Montella
9.Philippo Inzaghi
10.Claudio Lopez

;) :p :) :D

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Mar 7, 2003
how can u tell the "cutiness" in a guy who is sweaty, smelly,always spittin......the only time i recognize the face of the player is when he head the ball............but if you talking about them being on magazines and shit .....that's another matter


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Apr 24, 2003
in no specifical order:

1paolo cannavaro
2fabio cannavaro
3francesco totti
4alessio tacchinardi
5david beckham
6alessandro nesta
7paolo maldini
8alessandro del piero
9roque santa cruz
10pavel nedved
11christian vieri/pablo aimar

others: gigi buffon, simone inzaghi, robert pires, francesco coco, emre

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