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Sep 9, 2002
Hello everybody!
I was passing by and saw this good thread(nostalgia).First of all I wanna say Hello to all members of the forum.As I see some of old members rember me very well.I'm very pleased.It shows that I contributed something good to this place.Few nights ago,after midnight,I started recalling about days I spent in this forum.Those were the days! I even rember the day I joined,my first post about in the thread where users compared skills of Trezege and Indzaghi.My English was really poor,but anyway I was warm-welcomed by all members.The forum became for me like second home,it helped me to go through difficult period in my life.I made a lot of good friends who respected me and I treated them the same way.Then,Alex changed the design of the forum instead of white color forum got blue one.Everything seemed to be good.However,forum was getting croweded which wasn't too good.Ofcourse,the admin wants forum to have more users but sometimes it may also hurt and destroy the atmosphere of any place.It requires a lot of effort from mods to keep place clean and read between lines where and when is a danger of a problem.Unfortunately,old mods didn't notice that,they let things go its way...As a result some people had to leave.
Now I'm gonna tell you why I decided to leave this place...because I see some people have no idea why I did that...
First,don't like when somebody I respect and consider as friend tells me that everything I had been written in the forum is bull@#$.Now I go to another place where there are A LOT of fans from different teams(I'm not talking about soccer forum) and I've never heard words like this regarding my opinions.The most sad thing that mods overslept again,they didn't even try hard to stop the fight....sad.
Seond,Jules.She was the one that could have made me to come back.Great poster,great fan,great friend.Unofrtunately,to this forum she left just after me.I was tired of hostility so was she...
And the last one,I had enough of this Del Piero stuff.I couldn't get along with it anymore.He's great player and true- Juventino but when the males began to discuss how good his new hair-cut is it makes you to think about sexual-orientation of some people and how it's related to the game.Once,I decided to come here and to read online Italy-Mexico(WC2002) when the Del Piero scored that useless goal.And what I saw....everybody was writing that DelPiero is a HERO! the one guy, which I respect a lot because of his football knowladge, just said the fact that if even Italy had lost the came,they could have made to the next round because Croatia lost their game too.But nobody listened to him,everybody jumped all over him and began insulting. Where were the mods?Ops,overslept again....
I don't want everybody to think that I came here to judge the work of modetators.No,I came here to do what I should've done before my leaving.I came to say Good-Bye to all people that know me and to say that I remember you all as well...
Padovano(great man with great name),Erik(Sheva-fan,and all Ukrainian football), Spartacus,respaul(great posters without them forum is very different),Anna Febrina,lac(it was very intresting to talk to you at PM),Ian(VanDerSar-fan who can defend his position in a good manner),Greg(PvD and trans-rulez!) and some others:jaansu,Mac,Nina,Kiran---THANKS A LOT and GOOD LUCK,guys!;-)
I hope I didn't insult anybody by my post.
Take care,friends

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Aug 11, 2002

++ [ originally posted by IGOR ] ++
......lac(it was very intresting to talk to you at PM

igor i hope u stay for a while....that was certainly touching. i think its my duty to help others especially you since u were new at NYU and stuff. and you were going through a hard patch....


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Oct 1, 2001
I hope you stay IGOR, man it's been ages since i last saw you here. I really can't beleive you still remember me.


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Jul 25, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Greg ] ++
what do you know Erik?
You'll have to talk to Martin for the details. All I know is that he received an e-mail from her about a week ago, saying she was all right but just very busy!

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