Time for serious discussion: Which smilie would win in a fight to the death? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 9, 2003
Lets see, which smilie do you think would win a fight to the death on a secret smilie martial arts island surrounded by a 10 feet electric fence, in the middle of the ocean, guarded by sharks and killer octopusses, all the while supervised by the NSA?

Let us look at the candidates:

:( has that mad look to him, and altho he's a bit underrated he definately has the goods to go all the way. You can see the determination ih his eyes, the pure contrentration... yep, this guy is a potential killing machine, if he could just work out his unconsistency.

:down: is currently ranked at 3000/1 at William Hill, and that clearly tells you very few rate him highly. It is believe that he is in this tournament because he wants to die, but is too big of a chicken to commit suicide.

:angel: is clearly too good to harm anyone, and will probably forfit in his first fight. Since that is forbidden in a fight to the death, he will be executed by the judges. Electric chair. Enough said. Lets pray for his kind soul, may he go to a better place.

:devil: has the help from down below (no, not Australia). It is believed that with the help of El Diablo he will be on top at the end.

:dontcare: :frown: :rolleyes: :embarass: are all underdogs, since they have neither the will nor the mental strenght to win. Their "I dont care" approach is not the way to go. The funerals are scheduled at 15.00 CET at the forum graveyard.

I was planning to do all of them, but dont have the time now. Maybe this wasnt such a good idea after all... :undecide:


Sep 23, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++
all those praises i guess went to the head :lazy:

nobody can beat this smiley :lazy:
Nah. :lazy: is the Switzerland of smileys. The hills are alive with the sound of :lazy:.

:rofl: has to win on the sheer force of ridicule and humiliation of all impostors.

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