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Jun 20, 2004
How is the tie-breaker applied in a three-way tie with both playoff berths at stake?

After one team has gone through to the next round, does the tie-breaker formula return to step-one for the remaining two countries? Or does it continue down the list without regard for the first step?

For example, suppose Switzerland defeats France 1-0 and England draws against Croatia. England advances, of course, on the best-net-goals tie-breaker.

What happens next? Continuing to apply the best-net-goals tie-breaker, France (after losing 1-0) would be rated 0 while the Swiss would be (-2), and the French would advance. However, Switzerland still defeated France, so shouldn't the Swiss qualify before the French?

After England goes through, in this scenario, are the "teams-in-question" still all three? Or just the remaining two whose fate is not yet determined?

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Not open for further replies.

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