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Jul 16, 2002
After being shocked and disappointed by our Azzurri, I decided to look back at some past tapes of our Azzurri, notably the WC 94 and 98

In my view, these were 2 of our best teams that we have ever fielded, especially the 98 team.

We were missing a blood-thirsty goal scorer in the Vieri of 98, and more importantly, a leader and game breaker in Roberto Baggio

In this tournament, the Vieri of present is of no match for his former self. Also, you cant compare DP, or anyone else on this team to Baggio. Cassano showed a lot of promise for the future, but he will never compare to Roby.

Our defense still is our strong suit, even though I feel it was stronger with Maldini and co. of 94 and 98

The good news is that Buffon is probably our best keeper since Dino Zoff. No disrespect to Pagliuca, he was a great keeper, but Buffon is one step ahead of him IMO

What do you guys think ???

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Feb 13, 2004
Its just disappointing that these Italy squads under Trappatoni just always under perform....


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Mar 9, 2004
We also lacked a gentleman on the pitch. Like baggio. We also lacked a captain in the sense of the word. I wish maldini was still in the azzuri camp. That way we could play with 3 defenders and make zambrotta a right wing, and play with 5 in the midfield.

We also had to rely on cassano for goals.


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Jun 3, 2003
Yea, i think we missed a true inspirational leader on the pitch. Paolo Maldini.

Nonetheless, i dont think the team going to the WC 06 is going to be as strong as this one, but it definitely will be strong enough to do well. The '02 team has undoubtedly been the best ive seen (on paper) in recent times.

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