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Oct 2, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Vicky ] ++

ok here is the deal
Don Bes said that Gray doesn't have a life b/c he looked up "ahead's" last few posts.... and Don Bes is the one who's just looking for Gray's posts and then finds a reason to say something about every single one of them and opens up stupid threads about him
soooooo i just said " look who's talking" b/c he obviously doesn't have a life himself
(we were all kinda joking i guess.... or pretending we're joking)

i know it's all jokes but i'ts been really getting on my nerves ...
i still dont understand where don bes pissed you off,if its his attacking graham thing then i think graham knows how to act and its up to him how to act:)


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Jan 9, 2004
did you realize that you're doing the same thing i was doing by telling me to chill out ? :)

and i agree with you that it's up to Graham how to act, but what does it have to do with ANYTHING


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Apr 22, 2003
Fred, i find it rather hypocritical of you to belittle someone who stands up for another members.. *cough* Lilianna *cough* ;)

Of course it's upto me how i act, but why should that void Vicky's right to have an opinion about it?
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