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Mar 9, 2004
Euro 2004 is dead and gone. Close this forum!

Or we can create a secret party here that the mods wont find out about and have some fun!



Jun 7, 2004
speaking about that 2-2 the swedish newspaper expressen, made a research on this;
<< -Erik edman and daniel jensen who were in herenfeen 3years ago said:shall we go for the 2-2?
""sure said the danish but u score first""
-on the second half being 2-1 A. andersson said to tomas grovenssen''calm down now we have time""
and the everton ace said""u morrows, make a serius attack, its easy""
-Markus alback was very nervous of the ''friendly'' spirit of the game between the two ''opponents'' when he entered at the game's last minute! >>

ps:forgive me the spelling mistake on many of the players
Not open for further replies.

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