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Sep 16, 2004
Whilst looking for Ronaldo clips, just came across these I though you might like to see. All work, as I have tried them all.

van Bastern in his Ajax days:

Just though this was funny:

Erm, strange penalty... - Johan Cruijff - Ajax 82 - Penalty.avi

Love this one, Emerson Vs Lazio

Zola, when he played for Chelsea


Malcolm MacDonald...nice volley

Gascoine for Rangers

George Best...

John Barness, probably seen it loads of times, Vs Brazil

van Bastern again...winning a penalty

Dont know who, a bad guess would be someone who played for Milan:

Freekick, dont know who...

Nice chip, by Dalian Atkinson

Kinkladze Vs Southampton

Trevor Sinclair against QPR

Its the free-kick taking goal-keeper, Chilavert, this goal is mad!

This makes Forlan look prolific!!

Maradona against AC Milan

Couldnt stop laughing, watch Zidane's celebration...

Ronaldo against Chile

George Best Vs Benfica

George Best, this was just insane...I agree now, he probably was the best ever...

Johan Cryuff, shame his son wasnt as good...

Jeez, there are about 100 more clips, I'll add some more later...

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