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Oct 2, 2003
in this thread you can request for video clips of any player,match etc.

and just to get started David Del Piero has requested me to get him a comp of either Totti or Cassano.i'll get that as soon as possible.

Chelski asked me for skill clips from Arsenal players well here are some.

Henry against Ajax


Henry again


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Jun 3, 2004
Hey i remember watching at youtube a long time ago a real nasty tackle by Paolo Montero at Totti.Seems that it's gone now though so i wonder if anyone has it and maybe could re-post it.Thanks!


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May 6, 2005
I know it is toooo late, but If anyone has Juventus 4 goals against Roma in 2005/2006 season in good quality and also have little time, Please upload it. I have those in very bad quality.

Very very thanks in advance.


l'amour toujours
Apr 5, 2007

does anyone have the Milan-Juventus game that was played at the San Siro on Dec 1st and would be willing to upload it to me please?
I've been searching everywhere for this and can't find it,and torrents don't work for me ever.


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