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Jul 12, 2006
Extreme waiters:

Extreme tea drinking

Extreme sleeping

Extreme cleaning

Extreme pig transportation

other "funny" pics:

the picture below reads: "Leader of Arabian Cats; Stsunits; organized a suicide bombing in a shelter of homless DOGS in tel-aviv" :D

P.S. See guys, strictly business I dont put any further remarks or comments.


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Jul 30, 2006
Extreme pig transportation

other "funny" pics:

the first one isn't funny its cruel, and you don't be cruel to pigs cause it isn't right.

CONGRATULATIONS you actually posted a picture that made my mouth move slightly into the form of a smile


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Oct 2, 2001


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Oct 18, 2005
Del Piero is looking mad at ball :lol: :lol: please + rep me :)

View attachment 33630

Trezeguet is hiding his head :rofl:

View attachment 33631

Nedved without a tie :lol: :)

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Crapello is not wearing eye glasses :D:D:D:D:D

View attachment 33633

notice I wrote Crapello and not Capello please + rep me :)

This one is very very very very funny, but I don't know why, isn't it funny? :):)

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Please don't forget to + rep me :)

let's live in peace, like that russian cat says :)

and + rep me please :)
snoops, i think i love you

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