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Dec 27, 2003
While discussing some other topic in another thread, Padovano asked me about the origin of the word "gobbi" ("hunchbacks"), which is commonly used to refer to the Juventus players, staff and ultimately fans (albeit mainly the glory-hunting variety).

As a faithful supporter of the Divine Milan, and for the sake of all the gobbi that populate this forum, I feel bound by duty to shed light on the origin of this appellation.

The origin of the word is in effect much debated.

A first theory asserts that Juve players used to wear a completely different shirt from the one we know today. It was a pink shirt with a hood (sort of like today's training suits). The only purpose that the hood served was aesthetic, so that the players would in fact let it hang loose on their shoulders, and thus kind of look like hunchbacks.

According to another theory, the name was coined after a game in which the players' shirts stretched so much out of shape that they resembled hunchbacks.

There is also a theory saying that, long ago, Juventus players used to wear very shiny shirts, and that when the sun was reflected on the latter you would have the impression of a hunch growing on the back of the players.

Of course less scientific explanations persist : some believe that the juventini grew that hunch because the bag of stolen victories that they use to carry on their back became too heavy.

Others maintain that this is all related to their fundamental ugliness.

As far as I am concerned, I am proner to think that the the hunch is the result of their gathering the ball in the net so often when facing their milanese masters.

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Kaiser Franco
Dec 27, 2003
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    Not sure I got where that came from. Father Christmas does wear a lot of red however, so I suppose he can be considered as somehow being on our side.

    The Pado

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    Jul 12, 2002
    Thank you Kaiser Franco for following up on my question.

    Lac, I love your drawings. I was laughing my butt off at the stolen trophy picture, especially when I saw the mouse. Great job.

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