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Forza Vesuvio
Sep 13, 2011

Hello guys.
I made a little trip to Italy - to see some Juve matches too. I was on San Siro last weekend, I have ticket for Juventus - Beneveno match. But tuday is, of course, match in Portugal and I would like to watch this match in some pub. I'm in torino right now, of course.
Can you maybe reccomend me some pubs, where a lot of people will watch todays match?
Hej, podczas finału LM wokół Piazza San Carlo było pełno barów pełnych od kibiców no ale to były specjalne okoliczności. :D


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Aug 29, 2010
Not sure what the correct topic is so i'm asking here.

On 30th May i got a powerlifting competition in Nancy, France. The day after we're driving to italy for a week of vacation.

Any suggestions ? Preferably amazing nature/green, somewhat possible to do car journeys (i'm wrecked as fuck the week after a comp), and no other tourists/people cause i fucking hate people.

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