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Zé Tahir

Dec 10, 2004
This should clear things up:

Basically this is how it's played.

Let's say there are 20 people playing. 5 of them or something like that will be Gangsters and the rest will be Civilians. Amongst the Civilians there will be a Lawyer, a Bodyguard, and a Detective.

I'll explain the roles each ones have:

Gangsters - They know each other. Their aim is to kill off as many civilians as it takes to equal the number of G's and C's. So if take my example above: if there are 5 G's and 5 C's left in the game the G's win.

G's basically pretend to be C's and manipulate and trick people. It's everyone's job to be on their toes and look for hints, post patterns, voting patterns, etc. to figure out who the G's are.

Civilians - They have no idea who is and who isn't a Civilian. This is what makes the game interesting. A lot of accusations are thrown and a lot of times you end up scratching your head after someone who you thought was a C or a G ends up dead. Civilians win when every single G is killed.

Detective - Every day the detective gets to investigate someone. Basically he/she asks the role of someone and the narrator tells them. But again, no one knows who the detective is so even if someone claims to be a detective and says "so and so" is a G you can't automatically believe them. [See below for new mode]

Bodyguard - Ever day someone get's lynched; people vote on who they think is a G and then that person gets killed at the end of the day's play and their role is revealed. Then the G's whack someone. The bodyguard gets to pick someone or themselves every day who they want to be protected from whacking. So if the G's decide on whacking someone but that person is being protected by the bodyguard then they fail on that whacking. Again, you don't know who the bodyguard is or who he is protecting. The bodyguard can protect themselves every day should they so choose. Note if the Bodyguard is in Jail he/she cannot use their powers.

Lawyer - The lawyer gets to save someone from lynching. So even if someone gets the most votes and they're going to be lynched they get protected by the Lawyer. But the lawyer gets to save someone from being lynched only twice during the game. Not every night.

New roles/modes

Jailer: The Jailer has the option of imprisoning one person for a whole day and night. They will send the narrators their target before 18.00 CET and that person will be subsequently imprisoned for the day (until 18.00 CET next day). A person in jail cannot speak in the thread or pm anyone at all involved in the game. Any violation of this will result in a further day of imprisonment. A third violation will mean an auto-lynching for that person. The person in prison can be lynched just like anyone else during the daytime voting, but they cannot participate themselves in the voting. However, during the night time, a person in jail will not be whacked as they are behind a jail cell. The jailer may not imprison the same person twice in a row. If the jailer is killed, there will be a random draw of all regular civilians, and one of them will secretly receive the jailer role. This is the only reassigned role allowed in the game. Once the jailer has been reassigned once, it cannot be reassigned a second time. The Jailer can also not imprison themselves.

Crooked Cop: The crooked cop and changes to detective is official enough as they are, but here they are so you can edit it in (make sure the detective knows his extra power, and hopefully doesn't use it too lightly):

The crooked cop has the option up to 4 times during the entire game to pm the narrators that they want to snoop on who the detective is investigating and what their role turns out to be. This will then be sent back to the crooked cop before the next daytime. The crooked cop cannot find out who the detective actually is, only what the detective is doing.

Detective (new mode): The Detective will have selected a target by nighttime which they wish to investigate, at which point the narrator will reply with what that person's role is (gangster, civilian, bodyguard, etc.). The Detective also has the option once per game of using the "gun's blazing" mode which allows them to kill any one player, regardless of whether or not that player has been investigated. The gun blazing takes the place of an investigation, with the target of the gun blaze being revealed after the voting deadline. Afterwards their role will go back to normal, and they can investigate the next day. However, if the person they kill is any type of civilian, their role will immediately be revealed on the thread as a press release, blowing their cover.

Recruiting: Gangsters can recruit 1 civillian any time they want during the game with the role "the Recruiter". Recruiting does not apply for the detective or the bodyguard. The lawyer and any other civillian can be recruited and thus become a gangester. Gangesters has to submit 3 names to the narrator. The narrator will make a draw and let gangesters who they recruited (Bodyguard and Detective cant be recruited, but Jailer and Lawyer can). The recruited civilian will be informed also. The players at large will NOT be informed that there has been a recruitment. They have to figure that by themselves.

The Detective, the lawyer and the bodyguard make their choice BEFORE the voting is over. Should the Detective be jailed at any point, his investigation/gun blaze will only count if it was sent to the narrator before they were jailed.

Hope that clears things.

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Apr 2, 2007
Are the rules definite or i should fix the "mistakes" (they might not necessarily be mistakes. It might be just the way you chose to be)


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Apr 2, 2007

The detective investigates only one player per day (but not on the first day. Not until someone is lynched) and he must ask for that players role before the voting is over.

The lawyer gets to save someone from being lynched only twice during the game. Not every night. (Because the game might never end if every night the lawyer and the bodyguard save people from being lynched/whacked)

The lawyer and the bodyguard make their choice BEFORE the voting is over.

Also, ask Osman about the other special roles he wanted to introduce.
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