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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
So it comes down to this.. the final battle of our time

Simple really, should he be sold or not... and NO SITTING ON THE BLOODY FENCE! :D Its time the forum speaks on this matter loud and clear, since the debates are getting nowhere.

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Senior Member
Jul 14, 2002
What will we gain from selling Del Piero? Unless he has a superb second half of the season we'd hardly get anything for him (be realistic, who wants him?) and if the reason for selling him is so that younger, better players would see more playing time and get more opportunities just give him the treatment that Conte received during the final years of his career.



"Top Economist"
Mar 16, 2004
Abramovich was keen on Del Piero when he took control of Chelsea. He would have offered at least 20 million Euros. Should have pushed him to London.


New Member
May 12, 2004
hmmm...let me think...NO!
Beacuse i like DP? that too, but because i believe in him, i really do, and for those who say to that - fool...hmmm...could be, but at least i`m not a jerk turning my back on him.
May 30, 2004
del piero would never go to london... am sick of all these posts we shuld ve we could ve ... del piero is staying till he decide to call it quits and until then all you *****ez are just going to have to deal with it... its a fact... he can be subbed but del piero da first name dat pops up when u say da word juventus will not leave... peace yo


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
Del Piero himself is a big fan of the EPL and he has said many times that he would love to play in the premiership one day. Maybe to Liverpool och Newcastle?

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