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Jul 25, 2001
The Milanese derby will be played tonight at 20.30 CET (that's 7.30 PM GMT) with both teams anxious for a victory.

Italy's biggest city derby is always a heated affair, but with Milan almost out of the title race and Inter too far behind Juve to be able to afford any slip-ups, there are likely to be some fireworks in the San Siro tonight!

Follow the match with LIVE English TEXT COMMENTARY at Eurosport


Listen to the match LIVE with Italian radio channel RAI UNO!

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Now, here are the line-ups according to Italy's best sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport:


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Jul 17, 2002
that might have come out wrong. what I wanted to say was that I've never seen them play good together. It's always one or the other, often neither of them.

did that make sense?


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Apr 6, 2003
i hope its a draw or milan win..but i really dont care, as long as Juve win, the result here makes no diference...


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Jul 25, 2001
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    ++ [ originally posted by Sivori ] ++
    that might have come out wrong. what I wanted to say was that I've never seen them play good together. It's always one or the other, often neither of them.

    did that make sense?
    Oh right. And yes, that does make sense. It's rather weird that they've never functioned the way you would expect from them...


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    Jul 14, 2002
    I think Shevchenko prefers a more first striker type role, and when partnered with Inzaghi he doesn't seem to get it. I'm not too sure about what I just said because I've only seen Milan's CL ventures this season, but from what I have seen, when Sheva and Pippo play together, Sheva ends up playing in a much deeper role (it was like this in the Ajax match). Can someone verify this for me?


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    Jul 25, 2001
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    Here are the comments from Eurosport, for anyone who wants to read what happened in the match. Be sure to start reading at the bottom!

    Inter-Milan 22:28 : Another moderately disappointing performance from Inter... they slip to third... Milan move second, five points behind Juventus who play Bolgona tomorrow...

    Inter-Milan 95' : ALL OVER!!!! The Fossa deo Leoni celebrate!!!!! Milan win their fourth derby out of five!!!!!! Final score: Inter 0-1 Milan!!!

    Inter-Milan 95' : Terrible free kick... Gattuso rolls it poorly and Rui Costa can only find the wall...

    Inter-Milan 95' : Who will it be... Rivaldo or Rui Costa?

    Inter-Milan 94' : Brocchi goes for a slalom run at the Inter defence... Materazzi trips him on the edge!!!! Freee kick!!! INTER FURIOUS!!!!! Yellow card for Toldo for dissent!!!!

    Inter-Milan 93' : Cannavaro stretching for a ball seems to have pulled a hamstring... that's the last thing they need!!!!

    Inter-Milan 93' : Great early ball from Rui Costa... Cannavaro sprints back across Shevchenko to earn a foul...

    Inter-Milan 92' : Gattuso into the book for a silly foul... that will see him suspended next game at home to Empoli next Saturday...

    Inter-Milan 91' : They play it back... Okan steals it.. but Laursen cuts out his long ball looking for Vieri...

    Inter-Milan 91' : Milan just making little passes now... Rivaldo draws another foul from Cristiano Zanetti...

    Inter-Milan 90' : Milan playing for the whistle now... the game almost up for the 'hosts'...

    Inter-Milan 89' : Cannavaro does brilliantly against Sheva... Inter clear...

    Inter-Milan 88' : Okan robs Rui Costa... looks long but Laursen shepards it back to Dida...

    Inter-Milan 87' : Javi does well to dispossess Rivaldo... Inter getting to desperate times now... their title bid needs at least one goal!!!!

    Inter-Milan 86' : Shevchenko continues to work hard... a neat one-two with Brocchi... foul by Cannavaro...

    Inter-Milan 86' : Free kick for Inter... Rui Costa picks up the ball and Emre goes to get it... Referee steps in and that's a yellow for the Portuguese play maker...

    Inter-Milan 85' : Superb long ball from Materazzi... Batistuta ajudged to have fouled Nesta... not much in it and Batigol not happy...

    Inter-Milan 84' : Long for Batistuta... flicked on for VIERI!!!!! DIDA COMES BRAVELY!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 83' : Inter clear and then Brocchi brings down Javi Zanetti...

    Inter-Milan 82' : Rui Costa goes down under the challenge of Cannavaro... free kick on the left wing... as Batigol comes into the game for Recoba!! Dangerous free kick...

    Inter-Milan 81' : Super Pippo makes way for Rivaldo in the Milan line-up!!!!

    Inter-Milan 80' : Long ball for Vieri and Nesta to contest!!!! VIERI TAKES IT ON HIS CHEST!!!!! Finds Recoba!!!!!! HE SHOOTS!!!!!!!! GREAT SAVE!!!! THAT WAS TRAVELLING!!!!

    Inter-Milan 79' : Batigol is ready to come on for Inter... Recoba plays it in... Cleared... Inter stay forward... Okan pumps it in... cleared again...

    Inter-Milan 79' : Yellow card for Simic bringing down Emre down the left...

    Inter-Milan 77' : Javi Zanetti gets forward well down the right... but only Vieri to aim at in the middle...

    Inter-Milan 76' : Shevchenko intercepts the ball just inside Inter's half... he beats Pasquale with strength... Cannavaro backing off!!!!! SHEVCHENKO!!!!!! HE DRILLS IT WIDE!!!!! BRILLIANT PLAY BUT NO GOAL!!!!

    Inter-Milan 75' : Inter look long after clearing... over the top for Vieri!!!! He turns to chase and it hits him on his back!!!!

    Inter-Milan 74' : Brocchi gets forward down into the left corner... Okan through the back of him... Free kick by the corner flag...

    Inter-Milan 73' : SHEVCHENKO!!!!! He blazes wide after another flowing Milan passing move...

    Inter-Milan 72' : Brocchi comes in for the (still) limping Serginho... A defensive move... but maybe to release Rui Costa a little further forward...

    Inter-Milan 71' : Javi Zanetti into the box... back out to RECOBA on the left!!!!!! TIPPED OVER!!!!!! WHAT A SHOT!!! GREAT SAVE!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 70' : Another little ball over the top!!!!! GATTUSO!!!!!! This time he tries to chest it down and Toldo pounces!!!!! Another great chance for Milan!!!!

    Inter-Milan 69' : Milan already playing possession football now... Emre trips Gattuso to get it back... Free kick... dead centre... 35m out...

    Inter-Milan 68' : Inter down to ten men in the Derby!!!!

    Inter-Milan 67' : Cordoba flies in from behind on Serginho!!! A disgraceful challenge!!!! HE'S OFF!!!!!!! IT'S RED!!!!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT THE CARD!!!!! Terrible tackle!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 66' : Ball played into Gattuso!!!!!! HE HEADS ACROSS THE FACE!!!!!! TOTALLY UNMARKED!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 65' : Rui Costa skins Cordoba down the left wing... to the edge of the area... Sheva arriving!!!! Rui Costa cuts onto his right... HITS IT!!!!!! SAVED!!!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 64' : Pasquale at left back for Inter... ahead to Emre... inside to Okan... wide to Cordoba... but the ball is poor... cleared!!!!

    Inter-Milan 63' : INZAGHI!!!!!!!! 1-0!!!!! MILAN IN VANTAGGIO!!!!!!!!! Great ball from Rui Costa right through the heart of the defence... Inzaghi ran onto it slightly right of centre and hit it first time low into the bottom left corner!!!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 62' : Rui Costa looks up to feed Inzaghi!!!! He hits it first time!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 61' : Okan comes in for Di Biagio!! Will he stay in the middle? Zanetti down the right...

    Inter-Milan 61' : Corner whipped in towards Laursen!!! Cleared!!!!

    Inter-Milan 60' : Simic gets around Pasquale!!!! Down the right!!! Emre blocks the cross!!! Corner!!

    Inter-Milan 59' : Milan continue to do the passing... Inter continue to do the defending...

    Inter-Milan 57' : Gattuso feeds Shevchenko into the box!!!! Great block from Materazzi!!!!!! Back in by Serginho!!!!! SHEVCHENKO!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!! AGAIN MATERAZZI IS THERE!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 56' : Simic into the box to Inzaghi!!!! He turns back outside and loses out to Di Biagio...

    Inter-Milan 55' : Inter try and break over the top!!!! Off side against Recoba!!!!

    Inter-Milan 54' : Inzaghi runs into space down the left... Serginho takes over!!! He shoots!!! SAVED BY TOLDO!!!!

    Inter-Milan 53' : Maldini's 502nd appearance for AC Milan (the most ever - he overtakes Rivero (501)) ends after 53 minutes... he's replaced by Laursen!!!! A nasty way to go out!!! How long will it be before poeple wake up to Vieri dangerous elbows??????

    Inter-Milan 52' : Vieri jumps with Maldini!!!! Another huge elbow from Vieri!!!! Maldini's down!!! Blood flowing from the nose!!! Surely that's broken!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 51' : INZAGHI!!!! INZAGHI'S CLEAN THROUGH!!!!! Into the box on the right hand channel!!!! He delays and cuts inside!!! Toldo saves!!!!! WHAT A CHANCE!!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE SCORED THEN!!!!

    Inter-Milan 50' : A real midfield battle at the start of this second half...

    Inter-Milan 49' : A thick mist over the ground from the half time flares that greeted the two teams...

    Inter-Milan 49' : Rui Costa's ball in is cleared comfortably by Cannavaro...

    Inter-Milan 48' : Materazzi penalised with a high foot in front of Sheva... free kick on the right...

    Inter-Milan 47' : Cordoba plays it straight back in!!!! Di Biagio and Vieri jump!!!! It hits Vieri in the face and flies wide!!!

    Inter-Milan 46' : Nesta and Vieri tangle down the left... free kick for Inter!!!! Dangerous place level with the edge of the box left wing... Swung in by RECOBA!!! Cleared!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 46' : Serginho gives away an early foul... Inter try and build...

    Inter-Milan 46' : And we're underway in the second half!!!! No changes at the break!!!

    Inter-Milan 21:22 : Any questions or comments? Email us here at: [email protected]

    Inter-Milan 21:21 : Well a brilliant match of football!! End to end stuff at a packed San Siro!! What more can you ask for????

    Inter-Milan 47' : NO!!! The referee decides that that's half time!!! Inter fans not happy... nor the players to be honest... 0-0 at the break!!

    Inter-Milan 47' : Free kick for Inter on the right wing... Recoba comes across... last chance for Inter????

    Inter-Milan 47' : Pasquale overlapping... the cross!!! Cleared at the front post by Nesta!!!

    Inter-Milan 46' : Toldo looks long... Emre a,d Recoba combine...

    Inter-Milan 46' : A pulsating first half of the Milan derby!!!! Ambrosini looks long for Shevchenko... too long...

    Inter-Milan 45' : Javi Zanetti clips it in towards VIERI!!!! Simic does well to win the header and the free kick...

    Inter-Milan 44' : Serginho fouls Cordoba on the right... Inter come again...

    Inter-Milan 44' : In towards the back post!!!! Headed out... Throw on the right wing... Cordoba throws long... cleared by Maldini...

    Inter-Milan 43' : Ambrosini in hard from behind on Cristiano Zanetti... free kick... 36m out... Recoba appears to be lining it up...

    Inter-Milan 43' : Javi Zanetti down the right... He whips it in!!!!! NESTA MISSES HIS KICK!!!!!! Dida falls on it gratefully!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 42' : Dida goes long and Materazzi heads back to his keeper...

    Inter-Milan 41' : Free kick punched clear by Toldo... Great strength from Vieri... he beats one... two... Emre arriving in support!!! Gattuso recovers to cut out the pass!!!!

    Inter-Milan 40' : Yellow card for Materazzi for kicking Shevchenko in the midrift... a nasty challenge... reckless!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 39' : Corner from Rui Costa!!!! It makes it all the way to COSTACURTA!!!! HELPED ON BY SHEVA!!!!!!!!! JUST WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOLDO WAS BEATEN!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 39' : SHEVCHENKO!!!!!! HE'S IN!!!!! MATERAZZI WITH A BRILLIANT LAST DITCH TACKLE!!!!!!!!!! He was in!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 38' : Inter break again through Recoba down the left... Nesta storms back and cleans up!!!!

    Inter-Milan 37' : Inzaghi makes a good run into the right corner... Plays it back for Simic... Nice play but Materazzi clears... he's not happy with Inzaghi for a late push either...

    Inter-Milan 36' : Di Biagio with space to hit one from fully 30m out!!!!! WHAT A SHOT!!! It stings Dida's palms!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 35' : Pasquale gets the better of Shevchenko that time... the Ukrainian gives away the foul...

    Inter-Milan 34' : Vieri gets the better of Nesta that time... but as the giant striker looked clear Costacurta made a great challenge!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 33' : Simic with the ball in... missed by Inzaghi!!! Serginho cleans up... plays it back!!!!!!! ACROSS THE FACE!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 33' : Milan enjoying the better of this opening half-hour!!!

    Inter-Milan 32' : Again Shevchenko in space on the right... he leaves Pasquale for dead!!!!! SHOOTS FROM THE CORNER OF THE BOX!!!!!! OVER THE BAR!!!!! BUT ONLY JUST!!!!

    Inter-Milan 31' : Sheva in again on the right!!!! Cross deflected!!! Toldo claims it!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 31' : The ball is played in... cleared and Milan rebuild through Costacurta at left back... into Maldini... the chip for SHEVA!!!!! TOLDO KICKS IT AWAY!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 30' : Cordoba with a crunching tackle on Serginho... it's another free kick... INTER ARE FURIOUS!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 29' : Free kick for Milan on half way... left wing... that yellow for Di Biagio sees him pick up a suspension...

    Inter-Milan 28' : Di Biagio through the back of Serginho!!! He kicks the ball away and gets a yellow card!!!!

    Inter-Milan 27' : Neat one-two with Emre and Recoba.. the little Turk lets fly!!!!!!! JUST WIDE from 25m out!!!!

    Inter-Milan 27' : Inter just upping it a gear now and Milan forced to defend...

    Inter-Milan 26' : Javi Zanetti down the right... Can't find Recoba but Inter come again through Emre down the left!!!! Some how cut out by Simic... he didn't know much about that one... Throw for Inter...

    Inter-Milan 25' : Cristiano Zanetti over the top for Vieri!!! He want reach that one but he recognise the good idea with a wave!!!

    Inter-Milan 24' : Nesta goes off and comes back on after copping an elbow in the face from serial-elbower Vieri... side of the temple that time...

    Inter-Milan 23' : Vieri puts off Nesta!!! The ball flies to Recoba 30m out... he turns and feeds EMRE INTO THE BOX!!!!!! HE SHOOTS!!!!!! STRAIGHT AT DIDA!!!!! SAVED!!!!

    Inter-Milan 22' : Recoba trying to twist and turn in the box!!!! Maldini leans on him and the ball goes behind...

    Inter-Milan 22' : Emre and Recoba combine well down the left but it's well read by Simic...

    Inter-Milan 21' : Materazzi clears into touch... Milan throw back on the left wing and rebuild...

    Inter-Milan 20' : Cordoba's clearance comes off Serginho!!! It falls for Shevchenko 35m out... first time for Serginho!!!! OFF SIDE!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 19' : Frustration for Inter comes to the serface as Vieri hacks down Gattuso... Milan on top!!!! What a battle!!!!

    Inter-Milan 18' : Corner played in from the left!!! RUI COSTA WITH THE HEADER!!!!!! OFF THE LINE!!!!!!! JAVI ZANETTI SAVES INTER!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 18' : Ball played in towards Maldini who strode forward!!! High feet!!!! CORNER FOR MILAN!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 17' : The noise inside this stadium is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! The tackles are flying in and Serginho and Javi Zanetti and rapid fire victims of high tackles that have whipped the crowd into a frenzy!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 16' : Shevchenko tries to play it in behind!!!! ACROSS THE FACE!!!! The defence had stepped right up...

    Inter-Milan 15' : Long ball for Inzaghi!!! ON SIDE!!!! Toldo comes and takes it on his chest and clears!!!

    Inter-Milan 14' : A very open start to this match...

    Inter-Milan 13' : Played in by Rui Costa... nervous defending from Cordoba and Cannavaro!!! Finally Emre clears!!!

    Inter-Milan 13' : Maldini wins it back... In towards Shevchenko!!! Free kick for Milan against Pasquale!!! 34m out - right of centre...

    Inter-Milan 12' : Nesta finds Sergino but his touch is poor... throw in...

    Inter-Milan 11' : Milan on the left... Serginho whips it in!!! Just too high for Inzaghi!!

    Inter-Milan 10' : Emre takes over... Shevchenko tries to get in... Inter break through RECOBA!!! STILL RECOBA!!!!! NESTA MAKES THE CHALLENGE!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 9' : Inter already looking long for Vieri... Simic through the back of Emre... Di Biagio through the back of Sheva... first foul whistled...

    Inter-Milan 8' : Sheva takes over... one two with Rui Costa playing in the middle... just to heavy...

    Inter-Milan 8' : Javi Zanetti's ball in is cleared and Milan break through Serginho!!!!

    Inter-Milan 7' : Inter coming forward...

    Inter-Milan 7' : Rui Costa takes it short but the Portuguese second ball in is too heavy!!! Goal kick...

    Inter-Milan 6' : Emre gives it away poorly in midfield... Gattuso picks it up... cuts inside onto his left... Inzaghi's run buys him some time and he shoots from 22m!!!!!!! TIPPED OVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 5' : Cordoba chases his own ball down the right... Costacurta has to get across to cover... back to the keeper to clear...

    Inter-Milan 4' : Serginho plays in Inzaghi down left... he's in behind Cannavaro!!!!!! He's into the box!!!!! But he stumbles and Cannavaro robs him!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 3' : Throw for Inter on the right wing... halfway...

    Inter-Milan 2' : A great ball from Rui Costa out to Simic... he looks long for Inzaghi who wanted it low to his feet... he screams at his right back and the Inter fans ball him out about it!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 2' : Vieri gives Maldini a nudge before running onto it... but the whistle goes...

    Inter-Milan 1' : Pasquale looks long down the left... Vieri and Emre with a couple of early touches but the Milan defence come away...

    Inter-Milan 1' : Inter get us underway!!! The nerazzuri against the rossoneri!!!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 20:33 : The tension is almost unbearable!!

    Inter-Milan 20:32 : A late change... Pasquale into left back... Cordoba switches to the right and Javier Zanetti moves onto the right side of midfield...

    Inter-Milan 20:30 : Fireworks erupt!!!! The teams emerge!!!!!! Flares!!! Banners!!!! Incredible scenes!!!!!

    Inter-Milan 20:30 : Seedorf in the tunnel talking to his former team-mates... not playing tonight, or again this season...

    Inter-Milan 20:29 : The crowd is singing... the sides are in the tunnel... Mr Rosetti ready to lead the two sides out...

    Inter-Milan 20:21 : The San Siro (unlike Wedensday night) is packed to the rafters!!! The atmosphere is nothing short of electric!!!!

    Inter-Milan 20:10 : OFFICIAL TEAMS: Inter (4-4-2): Toldo; J. Zanetti, Cannavaro, Materazzi, Cordoba; Okan, Di Biagio, C. Zanetti, Emre; Recoba, Vieri - AC Mian (4-4-2): Dida; Simic, Nesta, Maldini, Costacurta; Gattuso, Rui Costa, Ambrosini, Serginho; Shevchenko, Inzaghi


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    Jul 25, 2001
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    The standings at this point:

    01. Juventus Torino --- 27 : 60
    02. AC Milano ---------- 28 : 55
    03. Inter Milano -------- 28 : 55
    04. Lazio Roma --------- 27 : 48
    05. AC Parma ----------- 27 : 45


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    Mar 7, 2003
    Excellent ......we can use this gap especially with matches vs Roma and Lazio yet to come. I'm not sure about roma but we surly gonna lose 3 pts to lazio least.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Erik, I just hope this thread doea not come back and bite you in the u know where

    You must know that its been a while since the leading team with 6 matches or thereabouts to go has gone on to win the title

    We still have Roma and Lazio as potential hiccups whilst there could be twists and turns along the way

    As for Sheva and Inzaghi , I had stated before that they do not work well together because Inzaghi will prefer to play with a second striker or as a lone striker with attacking players in support as he is a goal poacher while Sheva prefers leading the line by himself and probably prefer a target man as his partner, when they do play together Sheva is forced to play on the right except against us but that was more to do with Lippi's tactics on the day and I do believe Sheva has lost form as his goal ratio under Ancelotti is pretty poor by his high standards

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