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May 29, 2005
@Mark - won't let me post my big one because I have 27 videos...can only post 10 :lol:

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Without further adieu...I give you life. :hustini:



“I could even finish my career here, maybe after winning a Scudetto, but I hope I don’t have to wait until I’m 40…”
“Are we ready for the Scudetto? We already showed it last year. We finished a step behind second and five points from first.
However, Sky Sport’s Massimo Ugolini is tonight reporting that Reina could in face stay with the Partenopei, even without a new contract.

While his relationship with President Aurelio De Laurentiis is not good, the veteran was affected by the emotional outpouring from the stands.

In addition, Reina is looking to honour the 'Scudetto pact’ made by the players, in which all agreed to stay in order to mount a serious title challenge.
Kalidou Koulibaly’s agent confirms the centre-back stayed at Napoli “to try and win the Scudetto”.
Raul Albiol says Napoli “know we have a team which can compete for the Scudetto” with Juventus, Roma, Milan and Inter.
Elseid Hysaj says Napoli’s players are all staying “to do something great in the coming year”.There have been suggestions of a 'Scudetto pact’ between the Partenopei players, whereby they all agreed to remain together for at least one more season for a serious assault on the title.
“The last Napoli Scudetto was 27 years ago. If we are still in the running for the title… it’s now or never,” said Mertens.

“Juventus are still the strongest squad, but if there’s a year Napoli can win it, then it’s this one.”

There was talk of a 'pact’ made by the biggest players to reject transfers and build on the Maurizio Sarri era, at least for one more year.

“We all stayed because we can feel that something is possible. Now I also realise it’s very difficult. We don’t have exceptional talents or much strength in depth, at least after the injuries to Faouzi Ghoulam and Arek Milik.

“If you compare our squad to Juventus, you realise we’re achieving a small miracle here.”
On the eve of this game, one reporter had asked Sarri whether he still considered the word “Scudetto” to be “una bestemmia” – a swearword, as the manager had defined it while playing down his team’s title credentials through the first half of this season. “Yes it is,” replied Sarri in solemn tones. “But you know, I am a Tuscan, and where I come from we swear quite a bit.”



Sarri divided his time as an amateur footballer and banker for Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena in Tuscany. His work as a banker saw him travel Europe, working in London, Zürich and Luxembourg. Sarri would work in the bank in the morning, and trained and played in games in the afternoon and evening. In 1999, aged 40, Sarri transitioned into coaching, following the same schedule he adhered to for his entire work life. After gaining employment with minor side Tegoleto, he decided to quit his job to devote himself exclusively to his coaching career.

ADL blaming Sarri for Scudetto loss :lol:

SARRI Again:lol:
certainly a problem with referees and a sense of submission” towards Juventus. “Nothing happened after Calciopoli.”

ADL Again :lol:
“We could certainly have had a few more points if VAR had been used diligently. We’re missing a few penalties against a few other teams and the table would be more in our favour.

More ADL :lol:
Let’s not put pressure on Sarri and the team, let’s continue to talk about their beautiful football and prove to be Napoli.

We are suffering under a falsified league. This year the gap from Juventus has been whittled down and perhaps we’d be ahead if VAR was used properly. :lol::lol:

If these last three rounds were played in a climate of relaxation and joy, we’d bring home the results. I think we’ve been robbed of six to eight points…

Napoli complaining about ref treatment when they are 2nd in the league with positive calls from refs :lol:

Napoli second biggest beneficiary of ref mistakes this year at +4 (4 in favour, 0 against). :lol:

Juventus tied for third most harmed by ref mistakes this year at -3 (4 in favour, 7 against). :howler:

Napoli win the morality scudetto :lol:

With Sarri there is a lot of work, he is a genius, but can still improve by 300 per cent :lol:

FIF forum meltdown :lol:


I'm not even bothering watching Rube play anymore...even when they will play us...I wouldn't even bother watch a rigged health can't take this obvious crimes committed in broad day light for all to see...and do shit all to stop it!

That's that then. Seventh league title in a row won by bastard cheating. Best thing that could happen is for people to just not bother engaging with this shite from next season on, maybe then finally the FIGC would recognise the problem needs dealing with and get rid of these scumbags.

Exactly, so hit FIGC where it hurts. Completely boycott Serie A next season. Nobody go to matches, don't buy tickets, don't buy merchandise, don't watch it at home or at the bar, don't buy sports newspapers, if you really must see football go and watch Serie B or below or outside Italy engage with your local championship. Completely and utterly ignore Serie A and the national team. Bankrupt their system, then they will either sit up and take notice or they'll be gone.

Those cunts are cancer. FIGC breed cancer, but they are too stupid to recognize that. Serie A won't win anything in Europe until Rube is totally burned into ash.

As soon as the air was cleaned, Inter came into light and won the treble. First time ever in the Serie A history. Unfortunately it didn't last long. The shits re-emerged and polluted everything once again.

Well... Buffon has been there for...20 years and never win CL. Tell the whole story.

The second CL one was on so much steroids and sooo much doping shit...they are just scum...everything about them is a big moral question mark...everyone with a brain knows they do everything to win...illegal things even...Agnelli and Elkann are one of the most powerful Italian families and their business like the Mafia...but even worse...they have more influence on the population...Marotta is just another Moggi...but the real scum are the owners...Agnelli's! they keep cheating from the day the mafia bought the club way back in the 1920's!


Napoli fans are staging several protests against refereeing and Juventus, including a Spanish-style 'Panolada’ before kick-off with Torino.:lol:



7 titles in a row :lol:

#HungrierThanEver :lol:

Welcome, Mr. Tupac.

I'm glad you have found the light and decided to support the right team. Can you go back to and troll the shit out of them and tell them what a shit team they are?

It's time those deluded idiots learn the truth about their team, and there is nothing better other than a converted fan like you to tell them, because you're one who truly knows how rotten to the core Juventus are. [/QUOTE @Rabbit :lol::lol:



Courtesy of @Post Ironic
Napoli has lost 2 and drawn 4 of their last 10 matches. Since the beginning of March - 4 wins - 4 draws - 2 losses. In the only competition they had left, in the most important stretch of the season, only took 16 points from 10 matches.

Grande Sarri. Look at that incredible motivation to have his players perform at such high levels when it matters most. Out of CL group stage to Shaktar. Out of Europa League to RB Leipzig. Out of Coppa Italia to Atalanta.

Go out of all competitions in January and February to focus on winning scudetti. Drop 14 points in 2 months

Fake lip reading of Allegri talking to the ref :lol:

Allegri asking for promotion :lol:

The Adidas backpack :lol:


Napoli :lol:

Inter :lol:

Napoli players and their scudetto "pact" :howler::lol:

Fireworks in Naples :lol:


ADL & Sarri complaining about the fixture list and we are always playing ahead of them fucks with them mentally :lol:

Thank you Napoli :lol:



Courtesty of @Bianconero_Aus
Apparently the Napoli fans sung “Chi non salta Juventino” - expecting the Fiorentina fans to join them in the chant and start jumping. Instead they replied with “Vesuvio lavali col fuoco”



There were some incidents that changed the course of the campaign and in the end, when it’s so close, it comes down to details. It’s something we must work with and learn from, because we must become stronger.





Thohir's Dutch gaffe:

:lol:[/IMG @piotrr :lol:


//[/IMG @Kyle :lol:


Courtesty of Post Ironic again:
[QUOTE]In the last 15 years only Napoli has been winter champions and failed to win the scudetto. Both times under Sarri... this year and in 2015-16. Sarrismo. All about blowing your load early. [/QUOTE]:lol:

The [I]Excuse or Moral[/I] Scudetto :lol:















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May 29, 2005
#InterIsComing :lol:


#Weareateam #hungrierthanever

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I had to wait until someone posted so I can post the other vids :lol:


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Apr 17, 2014
Benevento vs. Milan
1st Milan gave benevento their 1st ever point in serie A, our loanee GK Brignoli set the last goal with header at injury time.

And then they lose 1-0 in san siro. Rofl

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Feb 20, 2016
@Hustini awesome man! Need to spread before +repping

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Feb 12, 2006
@<a href="" target="_blank">Hustini</a> awesome man! Need to spread before +repping

Check this out

Still has to go down as one of the cringiest things ive ever seen happen to a Serie A team

then there's always this


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