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Aug 26, 2003
I just saw the movie and i can't sleep. The fact that its based on a real story made it all the more scary.

That is probably the worst way to die :down:

the movie is a remake of the original but they have done a very good job with real documentary footage in the beginning and the end.

Leatherface - ... man he was creepy - he was stitching stuff made of human skin :eek:

He brought the guys in and put them on meat hooks :dazed:

...this movie is not for the faint of heart, but if u like scary movies, this is a must see.

in the mean time,i have to be awake as his face will haunt me for a few nights i think.

Its based on the real life story of killer Ed Gain.

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Mar 6, 2003
Hahaha ... i just did an speech in a english class on saturday about this movie.

The teacher gave to us osm newspaper in class.. and we had to choose a randoma article to do our speech in the moment. It was an oral preentation.

My piece of newspaper had nothing interestibng... but then i saw that pic of the guy wearing a Jason-like mask and a chainsaw... and then i chose that topic to do my presentation.

Well, based on the article i read... it sayd that the original movie was better, because it had that gory feeling and in the remake, the director did some changes that were not in thje original.

Well, anyways... the article said that the original is so weird and sick,, that looks like an insane documentary.... but that in the remake, you never forget that you are just watching a movie.

Anyways... i want to try that movie----- at least there is the girl of seven heaven!!!! that is just a bom bom!:drool:

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