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Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by PersianMafia ] ++
It's being released on the 18th of May, so just hold your horses. I myself have just gotten a 'promo copy' ;)
Finally got it. Brilliant album, thank god it was well worth the wait!


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Egyptian_Juventino ] ++
persian,can u link me a plcae to download "ATB - Marrakech (Club Mix)" ?
I know one, but you probably wouldn't be interested :p


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Mar 26, 2003
Well ATBs album is being released tomorrow (25) and its entitled No Silence. Ive already got it ;) , but once it comes out, it will be easier for you to get your hands on that song. By the way, GREAT SONG. Its a good album, but a little too cheesy. Tiestos is bettter :D


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Aug 6, 2003
look for Dj sets of these guys if you like the hard sound

Marco Carola - awsome Italian DJ/producer that can play 3 turntables at once better than pretty much anyone!
Adam Beyer
Misstress Barbara
Christian Valera
Christian Smith


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Jan 9, 2004
i didn't forget tatu Don, they weren't talking about tatu, they were talking about atb

and i do like that KIND of music too, Paolo_Montero but i don't like it that cheesy :D it's too simple and too catchy, i get tired of it right away


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Mar 26, 2003
Alright, just a little update.

Great new album was released and was co-produced by Armin van Buuren :eek: Its called Classical Trancelations and is already in stores. What it is, is 2 disks of roughly 20 songs all together, but these songs are all based on classical symphonies from the likes of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven etc. Check it out. I just got it and its got some GREAT chill-out/trance tracks. Its no ATB cheese, its Armin!!!

Armin also released a mixmag promo cd called Big Room Trance. I listened to a couple of its tracks and its really uplifting, high-energy stuff. I would recommend downloading that one, since its not a real Armanda (is that how you spell it?) release... ;)

If your looking for some good house/progressive stuff, I've really gotten into it lately. Check out Sander Kleinenberg, Max Graham, Nick Warren, Deep Dish and James Holden. Get some Global Underground stuff too while your at it. :D

Marco V also came out with an album called Combi:Nations recently this year, and its a 3 disk compilation album. Good if you like trance with an extra vibe. Especially disk 2!

What else... oh yeah for you cheese lovers, Ian van Dahl came out with a new album :cheesy: Its got some catchy tunes, and some of its track will be featured in MOS compilations, but not a classic.

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