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Jan 12, 2002
Tacchinardi is 27 years old and has worn the Juventus shirt for the last eight years. He has been linked with moves away from Turin all summer, but the midfielder maintains he's not going anywhere

"To be part of Juventus makes me very happy. Juve is a big club that can sell someone with the snap of their fingers. They haven’t done that, so I must be wanted here."

"Last year I had played the first part of the season and then had a physical decay in last four months. But, the season was important to me, because I have matured a lot’’.

“Now my objective is to take a step up the quality ladder in Europe. I want to win the Champions’ League with Juventus. A good tournament can also see me get back in Giovanni Trapattoni’s good books.”

When asked about the secret behind his new number 3 shirt. He replied - "It’s Allen Iverson’s number, the best player in National basketball league’’.


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Jul 12, 2002
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Hi Natalie, I didn't know ur a big fan of Tacchi .. here are a couple of pics for you ;) ENJOY :D
I hope he does not catch fleas and i am talking about the dog:D

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