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Jan 24, 2003
Andy suspended for three days for the following three posts.
Andy said:
So, what do you Capello cocksuckers think now?
Andy said:
I hope you fucking faggots who suck Capello's dick day after day are happy now. Especially that queer Snoop and Juve Kosova, who don't know anything about football at all.

What an absolute disgrace. I want Capello's life for this.
Andy said:
1) Crapello is our manager
2) Crapello is an idiot
3) Crapello is worthless piece of shit
4) Crapello sucks dog balls
5) Crapello plays tummysticks with Zebina
6) Since Crapello took charge

  • Insult other members, Juventus players and staff

A number of other members have had posts deleted and warnings have been issued. I will not be answering further questions on this suspension.


Sep 23, 2003
Not to mention:

Post deleted:
Andy said:
There is absolutely no excuse for this. The moderators can ban me forever, however Capello is fucking piece of shit, and you lot now know it. He seriously can't go one match without having Zlatan cum all over his face and our pitch. Juventus doesn't deserve these two fucking faggots.
Thanks Greg - Mik
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