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Zé Tahir

Dec 10, 2004
As you all know it's comin up this sunday. It's the biggest event of the year when it's comes to US sports, so i thought it deserved a thread.

None of my teams made it to the superbowl, so between Philly and New England, i'll go with the Patriots, cause i definatley don't like the Eagles. I think the Patriots will win because they have a bunch of good players as opposed to the Eagles who heavily rely on one player most of the time (Terrell Owens), though they have come far since his injury. I think the'll lose because they could be w/out T.O. and he is a pretty big factor. Also, i believe the Patriots have the extra edge b/c they are the defending champions.

this is a comparison of both teams from

Position NE PHI Notes
Quarterback X X Both are Pro Bowlers.
Running Backs X Corey Dillon is a big key.
Receivers/Tight Ends X Overall health of the corps is better for Pats.
Offensive Line X The protection is there for the QB.
Defensive Line X Those ends can rush.
Linebackers X A really athletic bunch.
Defensive Backs X Three Pro Bowlers in there.
Special Teams X Kickers are a dead heat, but the Eagles have better cover units.
Coaches X X Can't separate the two.
Intangibles X Been there, done that. No distractions and very confident.

Who are you guys goin for?

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Sep 23, 2003
I've been an American football fan for nearly 30 years now. And I've hated the SuperBowl for just about every year of that -- and it gets more vehement every year.

Take the sport's often worst game, play it in some alien warm weather field in a town where fat guys in bad business suits go to sales conventions in the winter, add lots of "fans" who couldn't tell you the how many players are supposed to be on the field and yet shell out $500 a seat to witness this terrible game, toss in a ridiculous halftime show that's like a bad Reno casino floorshow on Demerol, and apply a liberal dose of multi-million-dollar commercial TV advertising that upstages the game far more often than not.

No thanks. If I want to watch American football, the last place I'd look is the SuperBowl. :yuck:

I'll be watching recorded games from Serie A that day instead.


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Feb 21, 2004
I've played varsity football for my high school down in Louisiana, but lost interest fairly soon. I have never followed NFL because the nature of american football goes against my fundamental values in competitive sports.

Nonetheless, Super Bowl is a big day.

Me and my class are getting together at about noon (with lots of food and certainly, alcohol involved), and drink our way through the end of the game in late afternoon.

Or wait... maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to get drunk?

Either way... Super Bowl is always a big party.

And I'll post the pictures on Monday (if I am able to get out of my bed).


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Jul 15, 2003

Since the Bills never make the Super Bowl, I prefer to just ignore it as well as the fact that the Bills are a joke of a team, but what can you do?


Sep 23, 2003
++ [ originally posted by fabiana ] ++

One is from Boston!!!!!!!!!!

(or New England...)
Or Foxboro, to be even more ridiculously accurate.

And "New England" ... what's up with that? Isn't that like entering an NT in the World Cup under the name "Scandanavia"?


Sep 23, 2003
As if "New England" is any better. :rolleyes:

The only other thing commonly termed "New England" in the American English vernacular is clam chowder. Hardly the best of sporting associations. ;)

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