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Jan 26, 2009
Cambiaso - Bremer - Danilo - LB
Chiesa - CM - Fagioli - Kostic
Yildiz - Vlahovic

With Iling Jr, McKennie, Weah, Soule, Gatti, and others, that is pretty solid. Rabiot will go, cash in on Locatelli and get a B2B. Having one extra attacker will make a difference. LB/RB overlap with pure wingers will transform us. Even when defending deep, wide wingers offer a long ball outlet so we won't be pushed back so far. If we struggle, add McKennie for a winger and go 4-3-3. Not much needed for signings for the new season while we try and rebuild and look ahead to whenever Allegri leaves.
Kosshit has no business starting games next season - he's been trash.

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Aug 27, 2010
433 while defending and 343 while attacking, with Cambiaso goin further up the field:
CM(Fagioli) - Loca(?) - Rabiot(Miretti)

The best scenario is shipping both Kostic and Milik to Arabia and getting a guy who can succesfully rotate with Yildiz - someone like Gudmunsson.
For the Loca sub I would really prefer we just upgrade on him, but is it really realistic? doubt so.
Also the question is if Rabiot stays, if he is not staying i really wonder whats the plan? Alcaraz?


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Jun 1, 2012
Our midfield is way too soft. The moment we start to get forward and be a little bit more positive, we get run over easily on the counter. Our midfield sucks both at retention and closing down spaces.

Need a midfield general who can run the show and liberate Locatelli and the rest. Fagiot is not that player and frankly I hope this Allegro-Fagiot chapter closes soon enough.

Some of the names we've been linked with are very uninspiring though.


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Dec 31, 2002
They need to be complemented by a CL Quality coach, not a fossil, a remnant of the past like Failegri. Failegri, Moaninho and TomAss Tushie should be banned from coaching indefinitely.
Dont worry Allegri wont be our coach next season but keep an eye at a surprise Allegri future with a different role in the club.
You know.. just in case the new manager makes us play some entertaining football...

Jokes aside I wouldnt be surprised to see him in a different role in the team

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Leave Guintoli. Leave!
Too soon
Lets see next year..
And he says the obvious truth.. If we qualify we have the funds and appeal.
If we dont then we dont.
At the moment top 4 isnt secured yet so I see nothing wrong.


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Jun 1, 2012
Linked to Fagjinho and Kroos again

I would take a 34 year old Kroos but only if we had a real engine in midfield

Locatelli, Fagiot, Fagioli are all passive players. I miss having a brute physical force in midfield. When are we going to get the next Vidal/Davids?


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Aug 31, 2006
❗Jorginho to Juventus on a free transfer is a real possibility. The Bianconeri could offer him a short term contract.

Giuntoli knows him very well from his time at Napoli. He hasn't extended with Arsenal yet and could leave for free this summer.


The amazing Giuntoli


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Mar 23, 2015
cmdotcom :baus:

technically they aren't lying, it's possible. good enough too to induce a meltdown among juve fans too. of course they publish it.


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Mar 23, 2015
And the return of Arthur will be the cherry on the cake
de sciglio - de winter - danilo - sandro
jorginho - arthur
felipe anderson - miretti - kostic
4-2-3-1 baby :tuttosport:

if i were a journalist and wanted to scare the shit out of jj fans i'd post this as next year's lineup. what a mix of experience and youth

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