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Feb 18, 2001
Gee I really cannot imagine why we would need this smilie ... to support the out-of-control-teenage hormons ... grow up! :rolleyes:


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Jul 25, 2001

Oh, and I'm afraid Martin's the only one who knows how to upload smilies and since he won't be back until January, this won't happen ;)
Dec 7, 2002
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    if u give me the chanse i can upload it 4 u... :)

    or follow these steps.

    go to admin control panel.

    press upload smilies

    upload the file u want.

    then press add smilies.

    press blabla next.

    and the smilies that is in forumroot/images/smilies that isnt added to the database will appear. Then u mark it and writes the name of it + the smilie code.

    and press submit or whatever it say.

    and woualah.... its done :)

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