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Nov 16, 2001
My style is pretty casual I guess.

I wear a lot of sport clothes. I often wear hoods and some college shirts. My favourite sweater is my Fred Perry sweater. As much as possible I wear clothes without brands, I don't want to be some kind of commercial.
I like t-shirts but I rarely wear shirts, it doesn't fit me.
I usually wear manchester jeans and shorts in the summer.
I almost always have some kind of hat or cap on, I am a little collector plus that I hate my hair.
Sep 28, 2002
kush kush

i usually wear velvet pants, bk shoes, some football jersey cause they are the biggest part of my t-shirts tho recently i started to buy non football t shirts, and no cap usually cause i find it reall hard to find one that that i'd like.

one more important thing about my style is that i never do my hair. i don't even have a comb. just wash em and let them dry as they are, and that is all i do with my hair. unless i have a longer hair at that time so you have to brush them from time to time. but not now, my hair is only6-7cm long.


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Jun 9, 2003
You dont do anything to your hair??? I practically keep the gel and hair-sprey companies alive by myself :D

I like to dress casual, and I only wear sneakers (currently I have a pair of nice adidas one's, all black pretty sleek, look like Kobe's first pair)


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Apr 24, 2003
i love diesel but everytime i buy diesel jeans they look good on me at the store and after theyre always too big. so i like miss sixty better. same italian quality, fit better :)


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May 22, 2003
i always wear something simple (according to me! :D )
a dark colour cargo pants and a T-shirt (also dark colour, esp. blue). and an adidas shoes, casual adidas sport shoes.

talking about adidas, i got something to ask.
is this true, that diadora is the "italian adidas" ? :confused:
that's what my dad told me!


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Sep 26, 2002
i do like 2 wear nighty:stuckup:.........................................while i m at home
when i waz goin out,i'd love 2 wear sports clothes,it always make me comfortable


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Aug 12, 2003
++ [ originally posted by fabiana-juve ] ++
i love diesel but everytime i buy diesel jeans they look good on me at the store and after theyre always too big. so i like miss sixty better. same italian quality, fit better :)
ya miss sixty for girls is really good

miss sixty makes a guys clothing brand called energie and i prefer that over DIESEL but its much more expensive...


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Jun 4, 2003
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    Crazy people. Couldn't afford to spend so much on a shirt. 65 bucks means ... 2.080.000 Lei ... with those I can buy food for a month please :eek:


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    Jun 9, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by BloodOnMoral ] ++
    Of course. If I'm thinking better, our countries are in better condition that those poor people's :down:
    Yeah. Luckily my family is well above the average, so I have enough money to buy nice clothes (Benneton, Levi's, Energie, Gas...), but sometimes I sttop and really think what a f****d up materialist world we live in. While we're worried about branded clothes, thousands of people are dying every day from starvation, disease, they have no education, no homes, no life... and we spent ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, cars, computers, and a lot of uneccessary things.

    But then, I realize thats just the way the world is, and go and buy something thats ridiculously overpriced... :down:

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