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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
ok, this is something i of since the other thread is so popular..why dont make a thread about what types of jobs famous football players would have instead of football(i.e Totti - circus clown)


positions of famous people if they were football players (i.e Stevie Wonder - hippie GK) or which player they would resemble

my list

DP - Diplomat
Bekcham - hair stylist :rolleyes:
Ronaldo - unemployed bum
Inzaghi - burglar/wanker ;)
Valderama - Clown
donato - bakery owner (donut) :lazy:
Totti - beggar
Gattuso - top 10 FBI most wanted
Savage - savage yard worker
montero - soap opera actor
camoranesi - the godfather

famous people

Carrot Top - hard man Defensive midfielder
the Big Show - hard man DM
Itchy and Scratchy - freakish striker partnership
tom & jerry - ditto
santana - classy playmaker
backstreetboys, nysnc, boybands - losers, Inter
Osama - paramatti
Tony Blair - o'neill
homer simpson - totti/trappatoni :D
antonio banderas - left back, like maldini
James Bond - DP
Holly Valance - any position, she'll still leave oppositions for dead

more to come ;)


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Dec 13, 2002

KEWL! :thumb:

Ronaldo, Recoba, Ronaldinho: Easter bunny's
Henry: Doing talkshows, interviewing himself...
Totti: Actor... a very bad one... Same goes for Rivaldo
Pessotto: Professor
Fowler: Dope dealer... or addict... pick one


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Jul 17, 2002
Peruzzi - Garbage man
Torricelli - serial Killer
Di Livio - The milk man
Baiocco - a bum
Di Biagio - a hitman
Hubner - an undercover fan emplyed by Esnaider to find out what it's like being a top scorer.
Zidane - a Mirror
Zola - a circus midget
Dj Juve

Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
claudio lopez - one-legged superman
kily gonzales - speedy gonzalez ;)
treze - punk rock star, sum41 wannabe with the worst dexterity :rolleyes:
Nedved - wig salesman


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Jul 17, 2002
Freddy Ljuneberg - McDonald's latest McChicken Sandwich sampler

Vieira - Highbury's Spot-lightbulb changer


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Dec 13, 2002
Zambrotta: Soldier :fero:
Henry: Marlon Wayans ;)
Paramatti: Weird guy dancing on the streets and yelling at people
Del Bosque: Fat-bar owner-guy from "Flying Doctors"
Leeds players and fans: no jobs, all in prison
Valderama: Zoo-keeper


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Jan 12, 2002
Paramatti: Gipsy
Tudor: Butcher
Di Vaio: Navy soldier
Birindelli: Porn star
Camoranesi: Farmer
Zalayeta: Burger King 'Employee of the Month'
Zambrotta: Hard Working Bartender
Baiocco: Undertaker
Buffon: Model :undecide:
Trezeguet: Male Nurse
DP: King :D

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