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Jun 9, 2003
StrikeraMania is the game that's all about goals. All you have to do is pick 5 strikers for Serie A action and hope they hit form for you.

Sounds easy? As well as choosing 5 strikers, you also decide how many points they score for each goal, from 5 points down to 1. So it's not just about who you choose, but how many points you put them down for.

You can select players from any position, but it's usually the attackers that score the goals ;)

Here is an example of an entry:

Trezeguet - 5 pts
Del Piero - 4 pts
Miccoli   - 3 pts
Di Vaio   - 2 pts
Ferrara   - 1 pts [/B]
Suppose Trezeguet scores 2 goals, Del Piero, Miccoli and Di Vaio 1, and Ferrara 0. Your score would be:

Trezeguet - 5 pts x 2 = 10 pts
Del Piero - 4 pts x 1 =  4 pts
Miccoli   - 3 pts x 1 =  3 pts
Di Vaio   - 2 pts x 1 =  2 pts
Ferrara   - 1 pts x 0 =  0 pts

Total score:            19 pts
You can replace only one player from the previous week, but you can rearrange the points between the players as you wish.

Round 1                          Round 2

Trezeguet - 5 pts                Del Piero  - 5 pts
Del Piero - 4 pts                Ferrara    - 4 pts
Miccoli   - 3 pts                Camoranesi - 3 pts
Di Vaio   - 2 pts                Miccoli    - 2 pts
Ferrara   - 1 pts                Di Vaio    - 1 pts

                IN  ---> Camoranesi
                OUT <--- Trezeguet
Remember, you can change your entry as many times as you want BEFORE the deadline, simply by editing your post.

Please, to make this easier for Stuart and me and to avoid any confusion, could you:

  • Specify exactly how many points you want each player to get (like in the example above), that means that a list without specified points is not valid.

    Only post full player names (no nicknames).

    Post your players every week (for every new Round) even if you do not want to change anything. If you think you wont be able to post in one of the future Rounds contact me or Stuart (-Fantasista-) by PM and we'll help you out.

Points for all postponed games will be calculated in the Round the games were supposed to be played in.

The StrikerMania game will last from Round 16 to Round 34 of Serie A for this season (2003/2004), and next season it will cover all 38 Rounds of Serie A.

The deadline for entries in every Round will be time of the start of the first Serie A game of the week. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.

Have fun everyone and good luck :)

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Jun 9, 2003
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    Yeah, I tried to cover all loose ends. If I've forgotten something let me know and I'll make up a rule for that too ;)


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    Apr 22, 2003
    Pssst you gotta post your strikers in the "Week 11", "Week 12" threads dude ;)

    Also, you don't get 30 points to distribute among your players, you have to give players

    5 points
    4 points
    3 points
    2 points
    1 point

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