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May 20, 2003
can you please people stop
Criticizing our players..

cuz from what i see , that everytime , someone
come and start attacking one player..

as much as i was here , which is less than a month
i've seen 5 players have been Criticized.

first was Montero ,
after it was Tacchinardi's turn , and still ppl attack him
, then we come to Di Vaio ,
the last but not the least , DEL PIERO...

come on ppl , is this how you thank your players who are trying
their best . it's ok to blame one or two for something bad they did,
but not talk about them like they are the worst thing we have ever had in the club...

would like to hear the same thing u say about yourself if you
were a player?

and the problem you are not Criticizing to improve our player
which we all know that they are good but having some bad times, its about that you want to get rid of them as they mean nothing to us after all what they have done to us.

i know we must change some players from time to time , and bring new blood , and we must give away some other players. but this is not my point here , i'm talking about our team now , or later, in giniral for all the player we have and who will come.

i bilieve in all the players , and they showed me many and many times that they are real juventini players , full of spirit and strength.. so if they did something wrong , we must make the point for them so they can fix themselves to better way..

for example zambortta , he was good , but not he is great , cuz he has the chance to show his true abilities. in the past i saw him play many bad games , and i thought we should sell him , but now i saw don't ever think about it .

so plz , give our player a nice push with nice words ,
cuz we all know , one love word can do magic:heart:

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Apr 4, 2003
We must criticize the players if they weren't in their levels but not in way that may hurt them...:)

But honestly Zalayta DESERVED it..;)


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Jul 12, 2002
It must be allowed to critize the players, as long as it's done in a serious and contructive manner.

I don't think Zalayeta is good enough for Juve, and unless he drastically improves I will never say otherwise.


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Jul 14, 2002
I don't think that there's anything wrong with critisizing the way our players play, which is all that I do, but some people here carry it so far that they are dissing and insulting the player, and this is just bad and should stop.

And Lac, are you a New Jersey Nets' fan?

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