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Aug 13, 2013
"My time at Arsenal was done. I had been there for 8 years, but then Juventus came calling and I was on cloud nine again - it was an amazing feeling."
I was speaking to the scout who told me he had been watching me for a while, telling me games I played in three years ago - I couldn't even remember them, but he liked what he saw.
When Juve came calling, how could I turn it down? I didn't think twice. I liked the project. I thought I can only improve, it is now down to me to kick on, train with these players and learn as much as I can. It was a massive opportunity & I'm happy I have taken it
You have a split second to execute what you want to do, if not then Chiellini and Bonucci will come smashing straight through you. You have not got any time. I have learned to think quickly and do things quicker.
The way CR7 goes about his business was incredible for me to see, How he applies himself every day in the gym & on the pitch. How he looks after his body, mainly off-the-pitch stuff. Everyone knows what he can do on the pitch, off the pitch is what keeps him going.

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