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Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
Wassup guys,,, just to check the Appiah pics!!

hey he is wearing the new Kit!---------------------------

Another of the new faces has started today to take confidence with Juventus reality: he’s Stephen Appiah, 23years old midfielder from Ghana, bought from Parma but arrived from Brescia, where he played a great season, being considered one of the best player in the role. After 6 years spent in Italy with udinese (where he had arrived at the age of 16) and Parma, now here’s his big time. A moment that came almost unexpected.

“My arrival at Juventus was a kind of surprise. I must admit it was unexpected. I was in Ghana when my friend Thuram told me. I can’t be anything but happy of being arrived in one of the most important societies in the world.

Twenty-three years old (his birthday is at the end of December) and a bright future, he’s considered a very good player by all the experts of Italian football. And which place could be better than Juventus to show his skills?

“I’ve arrived here with the awareness of giving all my fighting spirit and will to work hardly. I can give both quality and quantity in the midfield. Obviously, my position on the pitch will be a Mister Lippi’s choice. He put me on the top of his list of request? If it’s so I can’t be anything but honored of his words. How did I see Juventus as opponent? It’s a great group and you can see the desire for victory on the faces of the players.

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Jul 15, 2002
This was a major surprise but having seen him a couple of times last season am very happy for he is a very solid player. :thumb:

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