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Mar 9, 2004
A little while ago in the Copa Libaterdores (however you spell it) there was this once incident of a team who started mocking the other team by making flapping motions with their hands to mock the other club (nicknamed the eagles as far as i can remember) Soon after, the fans rushed on the pitch and started fighting.

Does anyone have any videos of this incident?

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Oct 27, 2004
hahaha. Southamerica is so funny. Much violence when they play :D Man I wanna see this too haha!


Dec 16, 2003
hehe, once the fans attacked Thier OWN fans, guess why?? becuase they lost in a final, they took baseball with them and started beating the hell out of them, and another time there's 21 players beating each other you can't know who's beating the other
and then the fans joined them, it was soo damn funny

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