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Nov 4, 2004
As the long title says...

What does conflict of interest means?

a situation in which a public official's decisions are influenced by the official's personal interests
WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.
A situation in which someone who has to make a decision in an official capacity stands to profit personally from the decision. For example, a judge who rules on a case involving a corporation in which he or she owns stock has a conflict of interest.

The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
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Now we have a corruption trial involving Italy's biggest club ''Juventus'' along with a dozen of other clubs. The trial mainly is based on a collection of phone taps that was recorded as a part of another investigation involving ''Juventus'' director's general Lucciano Moggi. The provider of these phone taps is a company called ''Telecom Italia''. During the trial those phone taps were leaked and published by almost every newspaper, online website which is illegal and a violation of any law even the Italian law. The purpose of keeping any evidence secret during any trial is exactly the opposite of what happened in this case which is protecting the defendants from public pressure and therefor influence the judgment which is exactly what happened in this case.

On September 15th after the verdicts Guido Rossi the commissioner and the strong politician, a man who was a major figure in a previous corruption scandal but on the wrong side of law (Telekom Serbia Sacandal). Was appointed as head of the FIGC to investigate and control the trial resigned from his position at the FIGC to replace a guy called Tronchetti Provera as president of ''Telecom Italia''. Tronchetti Provera was not only the president of ''Telecom Italia'' at the time of the phone interceptions he was also the owner of ''Tim'' which is in it's turn a ''Telecom Italia'' company. Now the best part is that Provera was a major shareholder in ''Inter Milan'' the club who benefited the most of the outcome of this case. Obvious conflict of interest? don't worry the best parts are still to come.

The board of ''Telecom Italia'' did not only have a president involved with ''Inter Milan'' at the time of the trial. The board also had one Carlo Orazio Buora another ''Inter Milan'' shareholder who happens to own a major tires company called ''Pirelli'' which in it's turn is ''Inter Milan'' biggest and major sponsor. Not just that, another board member of ''Telecom Italia'' is the one and only Massimo Moratti Inter's biggest shareholder and active owner.

Isn't that a clear case conflict of interest?

All the people involved in the scandal said that in Italy talking to the ref designator was a normal thing to do. Some as Roma's Sensi even went as far as offering Rolex watches to the referees before and nothing has been done about it, this doesn't make it right, but it shows that it was a normal thing. Anyway back on topic, even if it's only a ''Juventus'' fan fantasy, do you think that even if there was phone calls between any official at ''Inter Milan'' and the ref designator Pairetto ''Telecom Italia'' would have provided them? or even recorded them? of course not. Which means that the case is void because the evidence provider not only had influence on the judgment, but also was the major benefiter from of the outcome of his own verdicts. A clear case of ''conflict of interest'' which if there was any justice would have killed that trial before it even started.

I am not saying Moggi was a saint or the phone taps were made up, all i am saying that the trial wasn't fair and was just another brick in the wall of Italian corruption. Silvio Berlescuni threatened the ''FIGC'' not to pay around 150 million euros owed by his media empire ''Mediaset'' if Milan got demoted before 12 hours of the verdict. The verdict came out and surprise, Milan remained in Serie A, weeks later they got access to the Champions League. Corruption is just an Italian Tradition, ''Juventus'' did not invent it and it didn't end by ''Juventus'' demotion. All what happened is that the system was replaced. Tuttonero, Calciopoli and alot of other small scandals throughout Calcio history says it all. So when you guys say that ''Juventus'' ruined Italian Football for years next time, get your facts right. And either accept that Italian Football is corrupt as whole or just stop watching it and switch it for the EPL or La Liga, at least they have less corruption. We were just the scapegoat this time.

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