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What's going on with my account? I have to log in for every single page I visit! I logged in when I came here, had to log in again when I clicked on "Search for new posts" had to log in again when I wanted to visit my profile. It seems that I automatically get logged out immediately after I log in!

Went to my profile (took me 5 times logging in to get there) and both "Browse board with cookies" and "Automatically log in when you return to the forums" are switched on. Cookie settings in both IE and Mozilla are also normal! :undecide:


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Sep 28, 2002
maybe its firewall. i had the same problem with xtratime some time ago. then i enabled 3rd party cookies and everything was ok. i think :undecide:

you see, im such a bastard after all. :D


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Apr 22, 2003
Martin just felt like messin around with ya :devil:

Hmm that's weird; i would've suggested checking your cookie settings, but if that's been done, i can't really help you :down:

Sad to hear the problem extends to Mozilla too :(


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Mar 6, 2004
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