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Jul 20, 2002
Ok, We're on Coppa Final, one step closer to win!
And It's time to forget our defeated from AS Roma.
We'll never give up and we must go on no matter if we win the SerieA title or not.
But what we need now is a solutions to maintain our performance. As we know we get no players this half season. We play in CL as well, and it's a long journey. So, what do you suggest to save our team on the rest of the season?

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Feb 14, 2004
we should trust in our young players.believe me this is the only way.let's replace conte by maresca and camoranesi by miccoli.miccoli should be our right winger.we should give chance to appiah too.and about the defence line,i prefer to see ferrara instead of montero.
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Jul 28, 2003
I think hoori is completely right.We should have oue faith in the young players.I'm just surprised with lippi and how does he bench miccoli for camoranesi.Camo's performance on the pitch is getting worst every game and he is still in the starting 11.
And Maresca is way better than conte.Conte always loses the ball in midfield and causes us troubles, and again lippi gets him in instead of the better maresca and appiah also.

And hey guys i got a question?
There was a user in the forum that had this incredible Baggio signature, and now i think this user is gone or changed his signature.I want to see that signature again .

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Aug 8, 2002
I think Moggi does care about our defense, but this is where he went wrong. He probably already has some kind of plan in place for next season and tried to get one more season out of our current defense and was sadly wrong. Either way he gambled a little too much.


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Jun 3, 2003
In the final of the Coppa italia, 3rd in the serie a, in the quarters of the CL. And we're looking for solutions?

Lets wait for the season to end. Before talking about problems.

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