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Jul 13, 2002
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Delpi shoots... nah not today...
Baggiooooooo !! OH WAT A GOOOOOL!!!! Magical Stuff... why did we sell him:down:
I know I ask myself that question everytime I see him in action...he could've still be the symbol of Juve. Baggio is one of theose players that I wouldn't mind to see him play till his 40.Players like him should be cloned...maybe someday...ok I think I went to far...LMAO


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Jul 21, 2002
hehehe!! here here spartacus!

and to dencos question :

diadora terminated the contract in the middle of baggios first season with Brescia. He wore Kappa for a few games then designed his own boots. Then after many good performences, diadora offered him another contract. and he accepted, on one condition... his boots had to be white, and have his Son and Daughters name on them. (mattia and valentina)

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