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Feb 4, 2004
I caught this on a different forum. Check it out.

Sir Alex Ferguson will be put out of his misery today when he is sacked by Manchester United.
Football365 can reveal that Sir Alex has been summoned to Old Trafford, where he will be told his fate.
David Gill was quoted saying "He cost us too much money with the Rooney transfer and we are now almost broke because of him!"
After Manchester United got assurances from former Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier who has promised lower spending and the offloading of admitted drug addict Rio Ferdinand,Gill has decided to sack Sir Alex Ferguson.
Houllier will be officially unveiled as new Manchester United boss within the next 48 hours.
And to followup...

Sir Alex Ferguson is expected to take over as the coaching duties at Newcastle United which Sir Bobby Robson was relieved off earlier this week.Reports indicate Sir Bobby is deep in talks to take over as coach at Roma where Cesare Prandelli has given his resignation due to his wife's deep illness.Sir Bobby Robson was quoted saying"It is very unfortunate for Mr.Prandelli and his wife,I hope she gets better and he can get back to coaching because he did a wonderful job at Parma last season.But I am however very excited at the prospect of retiring in Italy."

HAHA :cool:

Lets see if it all goes down now.

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Apr 22, 2003
You've gotta be kidding; surely ManU aren't stupid enough to replace Sir Alex with Houllier. Not that I think Ferguson is a fantastic manager; but Houllier!?


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Jun 9, 2003

First of all, they cat be broke because of the Rooney transfer, and even if that was the case, it's not Fergusons' fault, the chairman could have stopped the transfer. A bunch of horse shit.
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