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Dec 19, 2003
Shut up!!! Moggi is speaking. ;)

"Mutu non verrà impiegato in questo campionato: è stato un affare, costato niente, potrà restare oppure essere girato".

Mutu won't play this season, it was a deal, didn't cost nothing, he could stay or get swaped for another player.

"Tudor sarà piazzato all'estero: Middlesbourgh, Portsmouth o Real Sociedad. E ci va, ci va".

Tudor will leave for Middlesbourgh, Portsmouth or Real Sociedad. He will go.

"Cassano non lo prendiamo perché è costoso, essendo un gran giocatore. Eppoi verrebbero fuori polemiche perché se finisse in panchina soffocato da Ibrahimovic e Trezeguet".

Cassano costs too much and would create problems if he stays on the bench with Trez and Zlatan playing all the time.

"Behrami è buono. Preziosi, il presidente del Genoa, è un amico prima di rivolgersi ad altri parla con noi. Behrami è sotto controllo":

We have Behrami under control

"Del Piero non ha mercato, semplicemente perchè non lo chiedono sapendo che è incedibile. Se arrivasse comunque una richiesta, la rispediremmo al mittente"

Del Piero is not for sale. We'll refuse any offer for him.

"Mutu verrà utilizzato solo dal prossimo campionato e non sappiamo ancora quale sarà la nostra strategia di mercato: posso solo dire che non è il sostituto di Del Piero".

Mutu will play next season but we still don't know what to do in our transfer strategies: I can only say that he won't be DP's sub.


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Nov 18, 2003
Juventus transfer chief Luciano Moggi has spoken about the futures of Alex Del Piero, Adrian Mutu and Igor Tudor.

"If we received a big offer for Del Piero then we would reject it," stated the club’s director general.

"I’ve been ill over the last few days and perhaps I’ve missed something," he added. "I’ve heard so much about Del Piero that I had to check the League table to make sure who was top.

"In reality, there is no Del Piero controversy here. We are his employers and he is under our orders."

The captain’s future in Turin has been cast in doubt after he was recently dropped to the bench by boss Fabio Capello.

Juventus added more fuel to the fire themselves when they recently signed Adrian Mutu – a possible replacement for the No 10.

"We signed him because he was available for nothing," Moggi stated after the Romanian was sacked by Chelsea for failing a drugs test.

"We won’t use him this season. He will either stay with us next term or go out on loan for a year."

Mutu has been linked with a switch to Roma, possibly as part of a deal to sign Antonio Cassano. "He is an excellent player but Cassano is too expensive," noted Moggi.

The Bianconeri official also confirmed that Igor Tudor would be released in the next week.

"We’ll give him to either Real Sociedad, Middlesbrough or Portsmouth," he concluded. However, the Croatian defender is also being linked with Siena today.


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Jan 30, 2004
++ [ originally posted by mark77 ] ++

"Behrami è buono. Preziosi, il presidente del Genoa, è un amico prima di rivolgersi ad altri parla con noi. Behrami è sotto controllo":

We have Behrami under control
Does this mean he is ours :) ?

Or is Moggi lying again and is Behrami off to Roma or Inter..


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Jun 9, 2003
No he's not ours, as I understood, it means that we have preference over other teams as Moggi is friend with the President of Genoa.


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Mar 16, 2004
++ [ originally posted by mark77 ] ++
1st lie


This means we'll buy a D. :D
Yep this must mean that Moggi is preparing to buy another defender. The only other CB we have that can play is Montero, and thats clearly not enough. I wonder who Moggi will bring in.
Sep 28, 2002
i know, andrea, but i dont tell me that you dont imagine moggi saying "we're good as we are and competitive in all cometitions. after all we're out of coppa so that defender would enever play" :D

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