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Nov 2, 2003
Here's the three downgoing sides, I would be interested about your opinion: are there any player worth to sign??

Di Natale?

Maybe Ballotta?? (Rampulla hanged his boots afaik :D )


11 Marco Ballotta
12 Alberto Bertani
13 Adriano Zancopè

2 Vincenzo Vado
3 Jacopo Balestri
5 Mauro Mayer
5 Mauro Mayer
6 Luca Ungari
20 Fabio Vignaroli
22 Cristian Stellini
23 Simone Pavan
27 Matteo Pivotto
29 Roberto Cevoli

4 Paolo Ponzo
7 Omar Milanetto
8 Antonio Marasco
10 Nicola Corrent
14 Riccardo Allegretti
19 Vedin Music
25 Nicola Campedelli
47 Lorenzo Del Sole
77 Massimo Scoponi

Stephen Ayodele Makinwa
Massimo Marazzina
Nicola Amoruso
9 Carlo Taldo
15 Diomansy Kamara
16 Manuel De Luca

1 Luca Bucci
12 Mario Cassano
26 Christian Paoletti

J. Jorge Vargas
2 Andrea Cupi
3 Sanchez Cribari
7 Manuel Belleri
25 Stefano Lucchini
28 Maurizio Lanzaro
32 Roberto Mirri
36 Federico Vettori
80 Francesco D'Aniello

Ighli Vannucchi
4 Paolo Zanetti
5 Francesco Pratali
6 Alessandro Agostini
8 Ibrahim Abdul Razak
13 Vincenzo Grella
15 Davide Moro
18 Francesco Lodi
20 Flavio Giampieretti
21 Riccardo Bonetto
27 Fabrizio Ficini
35 Antonio Buscè

Massimiliano Cappellini
9 Antonio Di Natale
10 Francesco Tavano
11 Mirco Gasparetto
17 Pasquale Foggia
22 Tommaso Rocchi
29 Marco Carparelli

1 Alessio Scarpi
22 Pier Graziano Gori
31 Sergio Marcon
2 Drazen Bolic
5 Stefano Lombardi
6 Mauro Milanese
11 Dario Baccin
14 Marco Esposito
20 Andrea Sussi
25 Roberto Maltagliati
32 Massimiliano Giacobbo
79 Daniele Daino

3 Alves Da Silva Fabio Bilica
4 Daniel Andersson
7 Daniele Berretta
8 Salvatore Russo
10 Mads Jorgenssen
13 Giampiero Maini
16 Davide Carrus
18 Eusebio Di Francesco
24 Marko Perovic

9 Paolo Poggi
17 Daniele Degano
19 Salvatore Bruno
19 Goran Pandev
23 Maurizio Ganz
27 Dario Hubner

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Mar 16, 2004
The only one I would take is Diomansy Kamara. He is a good striker that we could use as a back up. But he is not needed, nor any other player from a relegation side.

Luigi Vampa

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Aug 2, 2003
theres not a lot to choose from there. di natale and kamara are both good but probably not good enough for juve. rapaic is very good but his motivation is lacking.
Jul 12, 2002
Those players all suck. We'll probably get one of these shitty players, but only because they will cost so little, and even then it'll be a waste.


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Dec 23, 2002
Here are players who I think are very interesting:
- Diomansy Kamara
- Massimo Marazzina
- Jorge Vargas
- Sanchez Cribari
- Vincenzo Grella
- Antonio Di Natale
- Dario Hubner

Mostly strikers. I would take Kamara, a very good player and Di Natale as well as Vargas or Cribari, who could replce Montero!


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Mar 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Ian ] ++
Those players all suck. We'll probably get one of these shitty players, but only because they will cost so little, and even then it'll be a waste.
Agreed, I'm sick of this cycle, every year we buy few useless players just because they're so cheap...


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Too true. Show some balls Moggi and splash some cash i say.
As much as I want to see some big name signings come to Juve without equally big names leaving, I gradually understood that Moggi's way of managing our transfer system is what's kept us out of financial trouble while teams like Roma are struggling to pay their league fees. I don't agree with every move Moggi makes, but you gotta appreciate the fact that the man keeps us in the black year in, year out


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Jul 14, 2002
Di Natale is good, but we already have Miccoli. Kamara, Marazzina, and Rocchi would make for good back-up strikers, but we don't really need a back-up striker, now do we? We've been linked to Cribari in the past, but I don't want him, infact, like Ian said, all of those guys would be wastes. The only quality player there is Di Natale, and he isn't needed.

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