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Feb 21, 2015
riekers are nice, very comfy on a daily basis, but my last 2 pairs' sole broke the same way. driving in them probably doesn't help too much.
So, you are old too eh? ;)

I mean, quality looks alright for the price. Wouldn't have picked them up had they been more expensive anyway, as it was pretty much an impulse buy and i didn't really need them at all.

I'll only wear them to cardigans most likely, so with some luck, they could last me for a while.


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Nov 9, 2005


Trail running shoes (has some water proof elements). The color is what it is. I dont really understand why would you make bright yellow color for trail/muddy running surfice. But the shop didnt have dark ones (actually the model has only yellow and red and some other green versions i think no dark ones). I didnt have time to wait to buy online and i dont usually buy shoes online anyway. But they are comfortable otherwise. Hopefully reliable also. #fuckadidas

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