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Aug 1, 2003
i watched a delayed telecast of the match.
isn't it funny how we score some shitload of goals and concede, but our goals are too much for the opposition team to catch up? :D

flo nearly scored a third goal for siena though. that would've given em a lifeline.

Aug 1, 2003
Winter wonder match: Lippi's comments
18 01 2004

Marcello Lippi (La Presse)
If Roma is going to be Winter Champion, Juventus today played a real winter match. Lippi about this under snowfall match says: “It was a true wintery day. It has been a very odd match. Anything could happen. I’m very satisfied because I saw a good general state and plenty of goal. We played the best we could, with long passes at the beginning. We slowed after Ferrara’s accident because we were 10, without possibility of replacement. About Inter defeat? Empoli’s victory worries me because they are in good condition and next week we’ll be theirs guests.”


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Apr 19, 2003
I'm happy for the result!:cheesy:
For Alex specially and Trez as well!:angel:
A really good boost up in the mood on a bad pitch and against a not an easy side...
So be happy guys.:cool:
Thanks for the goals.
As for our defence i hope we get someone now....Ferrari maybe....

Damn Biri out for 2 months...I really hope Thuram will play well coz till now this season,he played REALLY BAD!
Well...Empoli next week,Perugia in mid-week....Good luck.

FORZA JUVE!!!!!!!:fero::fero::cool:


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Dec 16, 2002
Juve played good in this match especially dp , i hope he continue to be in
good form in the coming games , one thing i had to say about buffon is that sometimes he is so stupid to tackle a player going away from the goal and to the edge of the penalty area ,but anyway a good win.

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