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Nov 18, 2004

( we are Gonna get our revenge back from zlatan)

OooooH my God i can not laugh more. how come you say That ?

Mr Pirlo. The MATCH is between Juve & Milan. if u wonna Blame zlatan cuz he was The reason that make ITALY out of tournment .. !

Then excusme me MR PIRLO you do not know anything ?

blame trabatoni 1st . balme The man who can spit very well . blame the stupid mentality and tactics of the azzurri squad in EURO 2004 Then you have the rights to say zlatan was The real reason .

i hope you can be in a very positive situation and in a good condition after you and you're squad recieved Goals from zlatan in Torino. would you ?

we don't wonna see this referee in deli allpi



Dec 16, 2003
I don't think it will happen, but it will be Really Stupid from Capello benching Dp in this Match, Really stupid, i think he's smarter then this!


Dec 16, 2003
Ancelotti Would Take A Point
12/17/2004 6:28:00 PM
AC Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed he would be glad to come away from tomorrow night’s Delle Alpi stadium clash with a draw.
“We don’t need to win at all costs. A draw would suit me fine,” said Ancelotti, who led Juventus to two consecutive second place finishes before joining AC Milan.

Ancelotti also stated he is still undecided on how many strikers he intends to field against the Old Lady.

“I might play with just one striker, but I can’t exclude possible surprises. Last season I played in the same manner at Roma, and we won the match,” he said.

Milan trail Serie A leaders Juventus by four points in the standings.


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Aug 20, 2004
18 hrs left before the game .....

no match is bigger than play against Milan !!!!

bring them on !!! beat them !!!!

prove that we are the best in Italy !!!!
May 30, 2004
man we dint say we want a draw .. but if so it happens we wont be angry.. after all dats da predicted score and its not an easy match ... so ofcourse we are going for a win but we are also ok if we draw we are leading newy and milan will probably lose from some one else later on .... 1 - 1 because its gonna be a chess game
Sep 2, 2004
Fan v Fan: Juventus-AC Milan
12/18/2004 4:00:00 AM
It’s the biggest game of the Italian season so far: Serie A leaders Juventus at home to the team in second place, reigning champions AC Milan. Currently the gap between the sides is four points – which could stay the same with a draw, stretch to seven if Juve win, or shrink to one if the Rossoneri triumph at the Stadio Delle Alpi on Saturday. But what about the gap between the fans of these two great clubs? Goal.com talked to Juve devotee Jamie Obertelli and Milan aficionado Joel Whitehead for a fan’s-eye preview of the big clash…
GOAL: First of all, how do you feel about your side’s campaign so far? Have you been delighted or dismayed by it?

Jamie (Juve) : What fan could be anything but delighted with Juventus’ form this season? Capello has made us into a much stronger unit this term, we are a team that remembers how to win and keep on winning.

Joel (Milan) : Initially, I was very distraught over how Milan started the season. The rossoneri were not playing cohesively: the defence could not get the ball up to the midfield, and the midfield could not link with the attack. As the season has gone on, the results have started to come, and all of the kinks have been worked out. I am ecstatic over how Milan are now performing. Kaka is regaining the form which saw him take Italy and Europe by storm last season, while Andriy Shevchenko could not be playing any better. After all, he just won the Ballon D’Or.

GOAL: Tactically, where do you think this match may be won or lost?

Jamie: This match will be won in midfield. If Juve can get to grips with Milan’s midfield and stop them creating chances then the Bianconeri should win. Juve can always get a goal but they need to make sure Milan do not get into their attacking stride. If Juve fail to deal with Milan’s midfield, players like Kaka can could well punish us.

Joel: This match will be won in the midfield, most definitely. Both sides have defences which are far superior to any other in Serie A. Up front, Milan has been better as of late, but I would not bet on Juve struggling to find the back of the net, ever. With Kaka and Pirlo running the show for Milan, and Nedved and Emerson doing the work for Juventus, the pair which performs the best will most likely finish with the victory.

GOAL: Which opposition player do you consider to be the greatest threat to your team in this clash?

Jamie: Shevchenko is on fire at the moment and will be a massive threat to us. Asfter winning the European player of the year award he will be on a massive high. I just hope we can spoil the party. Kaka will also be a huge threat to us as all of Serie A knows him well by now.

Joel: Pavel Nedved is a huge threat no matter who Juve are playing. Thoughts of his runs at the defence give upcoming opponents nightmares. Not only is he a terrific dribbler and holder of the ball, but he can also hit a strike from anywhere inside thirty yards out with superb accuracy.

GOAL: Would you want him in your team?

Jamie: If Juve could have any one player from Milan it would be Kaka. The midfielder is breathtaking at times and is unstoppable on his day.
Joel: Yes, without a doubt. He would fit into Milan’s line up magnificently. Although he would take the left-sided role, thus relegating Clarence Seedorf to the bench, I would love to see the Czech working combinations with Kaka and Shevchenko.

GOAL: Who from your team should we keep a particular eye on here?

Jamie: Ibrahimovic is becoming more impressive every game he plays for us. It will be a great contest between the Swede and Milan’s defence. Zlatan is strong and has great technical ability, a player that often sacrifices himself for his team.

Joel: In any match, Shevchenko is going to be the key to Milan’s success. Opposing defences watch him like a hawk, and he still scores goals. Sheva will be out to solidify in everyone’s mind the validity of his selection as European Footballer of the Year.

GOAL: What are your side’s greatest strengths?

Jamie: Our defence is almost inpregnable. Not many teams have managed to scored against us since Capello arrived. Our midfield provides the perfect cover for our defenders when we come under pressure.

Joel: Milan’s greatest attribute is the camaraderie among the squad. Even with the new players, they feel as though they are almost part of a family. Invariably, all big sides have infighting and trumped-up egos, but not at Milan. The players all give up personal goals for the good of the team.

GOAL: And weaknesses?

Jamie: Juve could score more goals. Unlike Milan, we don’t seem to create as many chances when attacking opponents. This is a minor problem as we seem to find the decisive goal in most of out matches, but sometimes I would prefer a score other than 1-0.

Joel: At certain points in games, Milan become too comfortable, and play lackadaisically in defence, which in certain instances has come back to bite them right on the you know what. Examples of this that come to mind are last season’s Champions League second leg quarterfinal loss to Deportivo la Coruna and the recent loss at Barcelona, when Ronaldinho scored the game-winner nearly at the death.

GOAL: What do your lot typically think of their lot?

Jamie: We have always been rivals but our achievements mean that we have a mutual respect for each other. Milan have been great ambasadors of Italian football.

Joel: Unlike their rivalries with many other sides, Milan does have genuine respect for Juve. This is always a huge match, and it almost always has title implications. These two sides usually make up a large part of the Azzurri squad, so the players know each other very well.

GOAL: What single thing irritates you most about them?

Jamie: What irritates me most was the way that Juventus lost a recent Champions League final to Milan. Juve were clearly the better team during the tornament and did not deserve to lose the final.

Joel: The one thing about Juve that really gets under my skin is how they feel they are above every other team. Yes, they are successful, but it seems to me like they go into matches thinking they automatically are going to win.

GOAL: And what do you grudgingly admire?

Jamie: Milan have a great team and can produce some amazing attacking football on their day. Watching them in full flight is awesome.

Joel: Despite my previous answer, Juve do step it up for the big matches. Alessandro Del Piero has been talked about negatively in the past few seasons probably more than any other Italian, but he, along with his team mates, played incredibly well against Milan in the 2003 Champions League final. While Milan won, Juve were a terrific side on that day, and they could not have done much more to win the match.

GOAL: Who is your all-time number one hate figure (or object of amusement) from their lot?

Jamie: For me it would be Inzaghi because I never liked him when he was at Juve. I thought it was a great deal when we sold him to Milan. What annoys me is the fact that he went on an incredible scoring streak in the Champions League in his first full season.

Joel: There is not a specific player from Juventus who I despise. Someone who I enjoy watching from their current squad is Gianluca Zambrotta. He is versatile, and can play either in defence or midfield.

GOAL: What’s the best of business ever done between the two clubs?

Jamie: I still think it was selling Pippo. Our strikers are of a much higher quality now.

Joel: Maybe the best piece of business Milan have done with Juventus is the transfer of Filippo Inzaghi from Turin to Milan. After scoring fifty-seven Serie A goals in four seasons for Juve, he has scored thirty domestic goals for Milan in the past three campaigns, but missed most of last season through injury. However, two seasons ago he scored seventeen Serie A goals, and tore apart the competition on the way to winning the Champions League.

GOAL: What’s your fondest memory of past clashes against them?

Jamie: It seems like ages since we got a good result against them in the league. Last year we beat Milan in the final of the Italian Super Cup. We were losing 1-0 with seconds to go until Trezeguet forced a penalty shootout. Buffon saved from Brocchi’s penalty and we won. In the league they have had good results over us in recent years. I hope we can change that this weekend.

Joel: My selection is pretty obvious: the 2003 Champions League final in Manchester, England. Both sides threatened to take the lead on numerous occasions, despite good performances by the defence, but it finished scoreless after the full ninety minutes, and no goals in the extra time either. So, the decider would be a penalty kick shootout. The two keepers, Gigi Buffon of Juve and Dida of Milan, are probably the best penalty kick stoppers in the world, and both of them would be up to the test. Buffon saved two penalties, but Dida saved three. It came down to the tenth kick, with Sheva stepping up to take it. He looked at the referee anxiously awaiting for the whistle, and when it came, he coolly smacked it past Buffon and sprinted over to celebrate with Dida, as they were now European Champions.

GOAL: What do you think the score of this match will be, and how will it affect your weekend?

Jamie: 2-1 to Juve. If we loose it will put me in a bad mod for the rest of the weekend. But whatever happens, we will be top after the game.

Joel: With both sides not wanting to give up anything that could either widen or shorten the gap at the top, I believe they will be apprehensive at the start. After the initial process of feeling out their opponents, the players will become more adventurous, and the game will open up. I expect many scoring opportunities, but the great defences will not allow many clear cut chances. I predict a draw, which neither side would be disappointed with, probably 1-1. As to how it will affect the weekend, the pressure and nervous energy will build up until the match kicks off, and even then I will be a nervous wreck. Should these sides draw, I will wake up Sunday morning contented, neither happy nor sad.

GOAL: Let battle commence....


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Feb 25, 2004
Joel: Despite my previous answer, Juve do step it up for the big matches. Alessandro Del Piero has been talked about negatively in the past few seasons probably more than any other Italian, but he, along with his team mates, played incredibly well against Milan in the 2003 Champions League final. While Milan won, Juve were a terrific side on that day, and they could not have done much more to win the match.
i like this part

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