[Serie A] Juventus 2-2 Lazio [May 16th, 2022] (1 Viewer)


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Jul 15, 2017
Would like to see this, nothing to play for so why not try something different

De Winter Bonucci Chiellini Pellegrini
Zakaria Miretti
Soule Dybala Ake
Would love to see a glimpse of this lineup and what it shows good/bad? Playing guys like MDS, Arthur, Berna, and even Rabiot makes no sense. It’s not like Max is building upon a system here because there is no system presently.

The kicker is maybe Max be apprehensive that what if these guys perform better than expected? Sure make him look a little silly continuing telling us they don’t have enough experience.

Max, come on, prove us couch coaches wrong. Our fearless leader @DanielSz especially wants to know.

forgot the biggest one SANDRO

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