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May 16, 2006
Fuckin hell what a night , first we won against those bastards , then i go to a night in the town and i see this guy wearing a inter jersey ( needless to say i was drunk like as hell) , first I throw a bottle at him and then started to run run towards him , when i cought him him i started to kick him, he fell on the ground and the fucking police interrupted me so i had to go to a police station with but it was worth it

Fuck the police and those inter bastards

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Jul 12, 2002
I will stop a little short of saying we owned Inter, they were our equals in the first half and were not too far off from salvaging a little something from the game after all. Yet, as with all of you, the virtuoso second half performance remains all of the match that is etched in my mind, and I hope it is a sign of the things to come.

It was always going to be our game once the first goal came. Inter lost the plot almost instantaneously, and it didn't help them that they were so disjointed up front. It was almost as if Ibrahimovic, Cruz and Stankovic were each playing their own game at times, though I suppose with Ibrahimovic there it doesn't seem all that surprising. They never rallied to come back, and Mancini certainly isn't the kind of coach you turn to in these situations.

But I won't take any of the credit away from our lads. They were smashing today, excellent all round.

Gigi had as big a role to play as anyone tonight. I would love to say that he was a non-factor in the win but the fact remains that we wouldn't have won without those brilliant saves, in particular the one from Chivu's set piece.

Leggrotalie and Chiellini were rock solid throughout, if there was any doubt at all whether Giorgio in particular would work out in the centre I believe he dispelled them tonight. The quality of our centre backs is always a good barometer for the entire Juve side and they did no wrong all night.

Molinaro was a mixed bag for me, Suazo got the better of him on at least two occasions and we have luck and Gigi to thank that he didn't cost us today. Otherwise he was mostly decent, which counts for something against Inter in the Meazza.

Grygera has been quietly cementing his position in the side, even if he has been aided by Chiellini's stellar transition into the centre of defence. Hardly contributed on the offensive end but with Del Piero in such form there wasn't a need to.

Salihamidzic seemed a little out of place for me, it was almost as if Ranieri had all the spots filled and tossed Hasan in to do a little of everything. Which worked in the second half but not so much the first.

Nedved ran his socks off today. It was heartening to see him go on lung bursting runs and help out on the defensive end as well, would have liked to see him get a couple of shots off though.

On a night like this, I would have expected Camoranesi to either make or break the game for us. He didn't get as much of the ball as I would've liked but on the brighter side of things we managed to dominate the proceedings without having to rely on his trickery too much.

Trezeguet gave a classic performance today. A passenger for most of the match but stood up to be counted in the two seconds that mattered. If and when the ball fell to him, there was only going to be one outcome. I caught myself celebrating before he even connected with the shot, as a matter of fact.

Il Capitano was a revelation today. A little selfish perhaps, but who can fault him on a night like this? Tonight was a great victory, and I find it only natural that our flag bearer would want to exact a little personal revenge on Inter. He may not have scored, but sure as hell did enough to give Donadoni a little reminder of what he could be missing this summer.

Oh, and lest I forget, Forza Juve. :touched:


Dec 16, 2003
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    - I love Nedved's spirit....he's really one of the few players with this style.

    - Del Piero is the world's classiest player.

    - Buffon is world's best.

    -Chiellini turning Zlatan into a rat for the 2nd time this season

    - Inter fans hoping for a Mancini-Ibrahimovic exit ASAP.

    - Inter fans admitting Del Piero out played their team.

    - Sissoko is adorable.

    This game doesn't deserve no rating, everyone was outstanding tonight.

    Ranieri 8/10.


    Sep 23, 2003
    Great write-up, Desmond. (And hey -- how can I not have a soft spot for someone with an avatar like that.)

    Trezeguet gave a classic performance today. A passenger for most of the match but stood up to be counted in the two seconds that mattered. If and when the ball fell to him, there was only going to be one outcome. I caught myself celebrating before he even connected with the shot, as a matter of fact.
    The sign of a great finisher is when you have those moments where the ball lands on the pitch near him in just a certain place or way, and you know you can quite safely start rejoicing. :weee:


    the cronopio
    Dec 11, 2005
    The sign of a great finisher is when you have those moments where the ball lands on the pitch near him in just a certain place or way, and you know you can quite safely start rejoicing. :weee:
    I love those "classic 9": Trezeguet, Palermo, Toni... :toast:


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    Oct 2, 2003
    Woah i certainly didnt see this coming, congrats to all you juventini's out there, you guys thoroughly deserved to win the game.

    I thought the first half was pretty equal, with Inter being the slightly dangerous more dangerous side,in the second half Juve woke up and gave probably their best second half performance this season. Frankly i thought Juventus would miss Zanetti in midfield, but sissoko covered a lot of space run his socks off, closed down Inter players and pressured them into making mistakes, he made sure people forgot Zanetti even existed.

    Inter obviously missed Cambiasso today, their midfield were completely overrun by the hard working Sissoko and the fantastic Nedved.. i havent seen Maicon getting outplayed in a long time, even in the Liverpool game he was Inters best defender, but tonight Nedved and Molinaro handed him his arse on a silver plate.

    Defence was fantastic, Legro and Chielleni kept Zlatan in their back pocket all game, Cruz had to drop deep to even get a touch of the ball.

    DP was fantastic, he completelty owned Materazzi, but his end product could have been better imo, credit where credit is due though, he was one of the best players on the field.

    For Inter, i thought J.Cesar wasnt at fault for any of the goals. he made to great saves from DP, imo Cesar had a good game. Burdisso was average and Materazzi got arse raped, he was atrocious, a game to forget for Matriz me thinks.

    Maicon wasnt too sound defensively, Nedved and Molinaro gave him a horrid time, he was good going forward though, his directness and marauding runs gave Inter a few options upfront.

    Zanetti gave a captains performance as usual, find me a more consistent player in world football, i'll give you my right arm, he was Inters best player imo, both defensively and offensively.

    Chivu looked a bit out of position in midfield, his crosses from the left werent bad though, i think he was just ok yesterday. Stankovic played an ok game too, one of the few dangerous players for Inter.

    Jimenez was completely non existent, he just coulndt find a way around Sissoko, Zlatan and Cruz were terrible too, Chielleni - Legro were fantastic yesterday.

    All in all, i thought today Ranieri showed that he's the better manager, as he completely outclassed Mancini tactically even with a (lets be franke here) completely inferior team to Mancini's.


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    Dec 18, 2007

    I just got to say I got the only birthday present I wanted (my birthday was the 21st).

    I was so into the derby that I started to wear only juve shirts before the match and when everybody came by and handed me presents I told them to give them to me after Juve RAPED Inter.

    Have to say what a great performance by Grygera.

    IL Capitano shined in all the sense of the word (except inside the box, there he just reminded me of a hot_headed youngster) I dont care he didnt score, the fact that he twisted Inters defense inside out and made an assist to Trez goal made my day. His free kicks were really off today must be the new boots, plus I think long free kicks must belong to Pavel.

    I would have prefered Palla instead of Brazzo in the right wing though, he never really contributed to the team I think RUINeri chose him instead of Palla for his :gsol: defensive skills:gsol:

    Pavel made his usual all around performance, to me he is Juves engine right now.

    LOVED the way our defense silenced IBRA today, thought I saw him elbow Chiellini at one time.

    I was fearin RUineri would RUIN the game for us after the second goal and go all defensive but he surprised me, he stuck to his guns most of the way.

    My goodness, that was a second half SCHOOLING by Del Piero!! Un-freakin-believable!

    Materazzi should retire. And I f*cking hate that sh*thead Maicon Maricon whatever the fuck his retarded name is!!!
    Did you Know MAICONs name is a total fluke, when his father went to register him he wanted to name him MICHAEL DOUGLAS ( for the actor) being a movie fan and all, but the person who wrote it down misunderstood him and wrote MAICON DOUGLAS instead, his brother by the way is named MARLON BRANDO. may be thats why he is pissed all the time, what a funny way to get fucked:jvefan:


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    Mar 16, 2004
    Post from pazza-inter forums

    Juventus may have the stigma of being cheats and may have dropped down to Serie B last season but if there is one thing you can always count on, it is the fact that they will always give a good account of themselves. They are a team with pride and even though they are in 3rd position they will not easily give up their mantle of Italy's top club. Unlike Juventus, we are pretenders and I am ashamed to be an Interista when we get our arses served to us on a plate at the Meazza

    What a great Interista. I would love to be friends with him, even though I swore to never befriend an Interista.

    He is a good man.

    But hey, I am so drunk. I have to share some good rap with you:

    'This rap shit is chess not connect four"
    - Little Brother


    We own shit like Tom Cruise in the lady's room, nigga. Even though he's a fucking faggot.


    Juventuz addict
    Dec 16, 2002
    i dont know where to start , i did not sleep well this night cause i was too excited for the result of this match. before the match i was hoping for a draw but after what i saw we showed ended the game 4-1 at least.

    Buffon : great as usual with his important saves especially from chuivu.
    legro and chillini were solid in defence and stopped zlatan all the game.
    molinaro : the best game for him with juve so far.
    gregera : wonderful job in defending and attacking.
    sissoko : solid and stronge in midfield , he controled the play in midfield.
    camo : the great thing is that he scored against inter in both games.
    Salihamidzic was fast and had some attacks and help in defence too.
    trez : invisible all the game until he scored that great finish.
    nedved : as usual never stop running.
    dp : great assist for trez , he should scored 2 goals which could ended the game and he should passed to trez but the nice thing is that he played with mattirazzi all the game.
    Ranieri : for this game and this result , keep him next season.
    the ref : did a great job with no mistakes.

    this win equal winning the scudetto for me , congrats for all juve fans.


    Sep 27, 2006
    Wedding of wife's cousin.
    I got like 30 SMS's informing me about everything that happened.
    Looks like Del Piero played the match of his life ( :touched: ) but was unlucky not to score.
    Camo :touched:
    Trez :touched:

    Juve's greatness :touched:
    well then .. you're probably the only one who i didn't congratulate yet ..

    so congratulation for the win .. i hope you had a bit of fun on the wedding :D


    Furia Ceca

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    Mar 21, 2008
    Apart from the amazing attacks the team attempted, I think the defence was really solid, Grygera, Legro and Chiellini played very well, specially in the last 10 minutes, by the way i didnt know Chiellini did magic? how did he make Zlatan dissappear? :rofl2:


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    Jun 8, 2005
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    inter forums said:
    "1) Mourinho is available immediately

    2) the longer a new coach spends with the team before next season starts the better it will be

    3) the dressing room problems (at least most of them, not all) will be fixed by the removal of mancini

    4) it will appease the fans

    5) it will give the players some certainty about their future

    6) Mancini's tactics are killing us. It's not like he's trying his best with a limited squad, the best squad in the world is trying it's best with a limited coach.

    If Mancini is the one giving bad team talks, making bad subs, etc, then why NOT sack him? I'm sure a care-taker coach, with a new approach to tactics, and all the things that come with a new coach, could cheer up our dressing room."
    LOL, best squad in the world. I wonder if he meant it in a sentimental fashion or if he trully believes Inter has the strongest squad in the world currently.


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    May 29, 2006
    i couldnt stop shaking before his game becasue i was soo nervous, thank fuck we won!!!

    this is bigger than any game we have ever won in the last 3 years imo. for what it represented and it was at inters home! fuck them!

    forza juveee!!!

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