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Jul 14, 2006
do it, I'm waiting

You're like Chiello3's retarded brother
Who the fuck do you think you are, rookie? That guy who posted above you is right. You're neither smart nor funny. And btw, Igor Tudor sucked.

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Can you get off my junk now ,Hillbilly boy ? Instead of downvoting every comment of mine ,isn`t it easier to just put me on the ignore list ? I sure as hell don`t give a fak about you ,so why don`t you just stop stalking me . You sure are another level of retard .

The same applies to @Klovn ...and for all other TAG team shitheads . I don`t want to see your milky faces on my notification bar every time I post . Just fak off mate .
:lol: :delpiero: The likes of Post Ironic, Fr3sh, DAiDEViL, Klovn and IgorTudor should all be shot in the head.

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And you must be the eunuch who hangs around all day long on the forum ,especially in the hangout ,talking about how many times you took a shite today . You must be the number one GIMP around here . Useless retards getting out of their cellars .
@Post Ironic Take notes eunuch .

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