[Serie A] Fiorentina 0-3 JUVENTUS [December 1st, 2018] (4 Viewers)


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Apr 25, 2013
We won the scudetto today, lads. That Firenze hotel always brings us luck. Gives Napoli 3-0 losses and gives us 3-0 wins.

Did we play 433?

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Cancelo was better than expected on left.

btw, what's up with the forum? i mean sudden drop in posts.
Nothing to complain about for some. A 3-0 win their worst nightmare. Wait till we drop points.
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Sep 4, 2006
We looked shaky. That 3-0 score line is beyond flattering. Oh well. The machine marches on for now.
I agree we looked rusty, full of avoidable errors and giveaways but I suppose Allegri keeps saying season doesn't start until March so long as the points are coming in performance doesn't matter :boh:

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Apr 4, 2013
Juventus is just dominating serie A this season and what it is incredible is that we don't play our best football yet, we are still in construction phase, but the team is so mature and well structured, basically we dropped those points with Genoa just because we literally fall asleep, I think this team progressed a lot, compared to what we used to play, we are becoming more and more a dominating team and when the biys are focused we have the same strong defence, but much more control and ability to win in different manner, we are becoming a complete team, we won 3-0 on a hard away game on a stadium that we used to have big troubles in past, we had great mentality, it's great how we won playibg at 60% with so much ease at both Milan and Firenze awaygames, imagine playing at 100% and our individuals in great form.


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Jan 24, 2007
We looked shaky. That 3-0 score line is beyond flattering. Oh well. The machine marches on for now.
That cuz season starts in February. I thought we alll knew this by now for 3 years now.

This is why I dony watch juve games. Lol.

I hope u miss games from February though. Lol

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