[Serie A] Calciopoli Directors 1-2 JUVENTUS (March 30, 2013) (1 Viewer)


  • Buffon

  • Barzagli

  • Marchisio

  • Pirlo

  • Matri

  • Quag

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The Curr

Ain't born to lose, baby
Feb 3, 2007
Matri could still start. It's not like he has been playing 90 mins every game. He should be fine.

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Unless for some tactical reason we don't know of, Cone might want Quag against ze germans?
I think if he was planning on starting Matri against Bayern, that Quag would start against Inter.

Anyway, this is all only based on Gazzetta's guess.

Wouldn't count on it.

I'd say it points more to the rumours of Pogba playing and Juve changing to 3-5-1-1 being accurate.
I more or less discounted that theory. I'd be kind of surprised if he used a formation that has barely been tested right after an international break where almost all of the starters have been away.

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