[Serie A] Bologna 0-2 JUVENTUS [June 22nd, 2020] (3 Viewers)


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Dec 16, 2004
Any normal team should be fired up after that Coppa loss. Any stubborn, chain-smoking moron who stumbled into being a coach should be able to get the team to react. But you never know...


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Apr 5, 2006
I dont really fuxking care anymore. Might stop watching Juve games until i see a 4-0 win. Until then, not gonna bother. I was ashamed many times this season to express how i really feel about Juventus, how this coach/team/management has sucked all the love i had for watching my Juventus, i was afraid that i might look like a fake fan or something but i dont fucking care anymore, if our coach, if our players show a complete lack of will and determination and play as they just dont care about anything except earning their euros and posting stupid instagram selfies, then i too can have apathy towarda Juventus. If the entire Juventus team is disrespecting me as a fan with their cluelesness, then fuck them.

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