[Serie A] Bologna 0-1 JUVENTUS [February 24th, 2019] (2 Viewers)


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Feb 10, 2007
With a 13 point lead in Serie A, imo for the next 3 weeks Juve should only think of the Napoli match (as preparation for Atleti) on the 3rd of March and the Atleti match on the 12th of March. Teams against Bologna and Udinese should be from the 2nd 11's and 3rd 11's of the squad. The starting 11s shouldn't even think about these matches, que sera sera.


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Jan 26, 2009
Can we please fast forward to the 2nd leg against ATM? I couldn't care less about this tinpot league where we flex and win, masking our deficiencies and pretending nothing is wrong by beating shitty opposition who'd probably lose to Al Gounah or Pyramids FC in the Egyptian Premier League.


May 11, 2004
Im curious if Allegri changes anything or stick to his usual style of play.

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The formation is the same I am sure.

Then we might try to attack in the opening minutes but I don't think it will really work. We have been known to suffer a lot post CL


Mar 6, 2003
Back to our small pond.

Please Allegri, can you do something to save your fucking head from the axe?

Try something different. Ill be waiting.


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Jul 14, 2006

Sorry to say this, bro, but you lost it. We need a new match thread opener. @Mark

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Yaaaaaay. Our comfort zone :weee::baus::tup:

Let's beat up on some pathetic serie A opposition and pretend everything is fine.

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Fucking garbage posters be spewing lies and not stating facts. Keep going. Keep embarrassing yourself and talking out of your ass, instead of actually posting facts and being objective.

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Maybe it's the coach's fault. Shitty midfield, negative tactics, conservative approach in our most important game of the season. Lack of balls and guts exhibited by Allegri. I'm not saying Dybala isn't to blame, but he's not the problem, or at least not our biggest/only issue.

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Please keep our best players fit and ready: couldn't care less about Serie A and playing some shitty basement dwellers. Play Kean, Costa, whoever. Just make sure the most important players are healthy, fit and ready for our most important game of the season in 2 weeks.
:lol: I love your posting style, man.

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Gonna fake fan this. I couldn't care less about beating mighty Bologna. The one game I expected us to have balls, show up and play, we hid like a bunch of mice afraid of a house cat. Pussies and spineless cowards; a gutless performance. A 10-0 win against a shitty Bologna isn't going to mask or disguise the glaring limitations of this squad and its coach.
Ahhh, the days when winning Serie A actually meant something. :touched:

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Posters who think that Serie a isnt important make Inter fans happy.

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Also, hi I am new.
Introduce yourself.
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Oct 31, 2012
Who da f cares about this game.
Honestly, Allegri should use the next two games to try adventurous tactics to shock athletico in the second leg.


At this point, bonbon looks more like an attacking threat than ALL of our CMs

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