[Serie A] Atalanta 2-2 JUVENTUS [December 26th, 2018] (1 Viewer)


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Aug 21, 2010
I was kind of hoping that ronaldo wouldn't score the equaliser. It makes us look dependant on him, and now all the plastics are gonna bang on about the "CR7 effect". Don't want this to appear as a one man team.
Like it or not, we are dependant on our most impact player, even if you dont watch the games, you can look at the stats. Ronaldo is not only the leading goalscorer, he is also leading the assist table in the team, and this is counting only the goals another player scored when Ronaldo made the final pass - some of our goals are not officially recognized to be assisted by Cristiano, the second goal vs Napoli comes to mind, his shot hit the bar before Mandzukic scored on an empty goal. It is undeniable that Cristiano was hugely responsible for that goal, but officially it was the bar that assisted Mario, not the one who made the shot... :lol: Dybala`s goal in Manchester was also due to Ronaldo`s involvement and pass, even if it was Cuadrado that tried to get the ball first, touched it but missed to take a shot...

It has to be underlined, heavily, that even if there is no adequate term and nobody counts these situations (except maybe me :lol: ), Ronaldo is also leading an imaginary chart where he made the pass for the assist - he`s got several of those, and while as I said nobody counts that, the facts are that Cristiano is involved in the attack leading to a goal without scoring or assisting, making him even more important and indispensable to us than his 13 goals and 7 assists in all tournaments so far (we have scored 36+9=45 goals so far in all competitions, officially his G+A tally is 13+7=20, close to 50% of the goals). Adding those from my imaginary chart and he passes the 50% bar, which clearly makes the team dependant on him and quite frankly I dont see the issue here - a living football legend who is arguably the best football player in history is always going to steal all the headlines and with his performances so far, it is well deserved. We do not appear as a one man team as there are several other players that are key and instrumental for our game, BUT when it comes to a natural winner and leader on the pitch, one man does stand out. As I already said, I dont have any problems with that, also I couldnt care less if a random asian kid thinks Juventus are dependant on Ronaldo and Juventus is winning their games thanks to the "CR7 effect"... The key word here is "winning", thats all that matters... :D

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