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Feb 9, 2013
No ZOMG Sarriball fap fap fap today?
The Sarri fag hags like @Snobist in hiding I guess. No King Sarri posts. :lol:

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snobist's gotta have a semi serious meltdown this weekend. it will be hard for him to decide which loss hurts more: juve's or nazio's
He’s been laughing at Juve losses and celebrating Lazio wins, thus far. Not even a Juve fan anymore, just a weird ass Sarri fanboi. :lol:
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Aug 27, 2008
The season is long, but I am concerned that by the time we come good, we will be too far off Roma and Atalanta in the table, let alone Inter and Milan.

We have to make top 4.
Sassuolo had enough chances to kill off Roma, but fluffed it. And Atalanta lost and are only 3 points ahead of us :p
May 26, 2016
Really? Other than the great finish, I thought he was kinda rubbish. Especially when he fouled the defender when Traore was running on goal.
He made an impact after entering the game , had some goode efforts saved and scored the goal that was flagged for offside. I would say that is a good showing against Roma away.
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