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Mar 23, 2015
genoa looked like they lost everything with covid. they played for a 0-0 and they didn't show any willingness of going forward. zero gameplan besides defending, zero speed, zero physicality.

i hope we'll survive the season with occasional isolated infections.


King of Tuz
Jan 24, 2007
what happened to Atalanta? First Napoli and now they got beaten up by Samp?
Same serie a story of team punching above their weight.

In early 2010s it was napoli. Then it was roma. Then it was sassuolo. Then lazio Then atalanta.

Next year it will be new team

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Mar 6, 2007
I don't see them cancelling it at all, all the procedures are now in place to play in empty stadiums, but the biggest impact will be financial the longer there are no fans in the stadium. This cannot go on forever, clubs will go bankrupt.

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